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Few things in digital marketing are more challenging than knowing how to adapt digital marketing tactics based on a client’s needs and specific industry.

But at inSegment, our extensive knowledge of the following three fields shows exactly what sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies.

Higher Education

As a higher education institute operating in the Digital Age, you’re likely trying to reach out to Generation Yers who are prospective students, as well as their parents and high school guidance counselors. At the same time, your current students and alumni fill vital roles in your institution’s growth and success.

So how will you communicate your brand identity to this diverse group of audiences who represent different stages of the digital sphere? That’s where we come in. With our tailored higher education digital marketing strategies, we at inSegment realize that no two higher education institutions are alike. So we dedicate ourselves to an intensive research process before devising a digital marketing plan that will focus on your enrollment goals, and propose the best strategies for getting you the maximum amount of exposure.

By combining tested integrated digital marketing tactics with higher education marketing strategies, we enable higher education institutes like yours to generate the highest quality leads through audience-targeted campaigns using social media, organic and paid search campaigns, as well as affiliate, programmatic, and email marketing.

inSegment’s other key offerings include:
– Full-funnel tracking and optimization
– Lead nurturing programs setup and management
– Guaranteed cost per lead programs

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High - Tech

Because inSegment was founded by a technology entrepreneur, we’ve always had our roots in the software and IT sectors.

And it’s this strong, specialized background that has allowed us to cultivate insights into the high-tech industry for years, enabling us to provide innovative, creative solutions for IT lead generation and software marketing that are backed up by demonstrably successful results.

We focus our efforts on getting our clients leads through any and all available methods, especially through content syndication, social, organic and paid search marketing campaigns, as well as advocate, programmatic, and email marketing programs.

Our knowledge of the B2B technology landscape allows us to easily identify every enterprise’s appropriate audience segments and implement a variety of tactics to deliver a consistent, predictable volume of leads on a weekly basis. And our in-depth, full-spectrum reporting (including full-funnel tracking and optimization) means that our clients see the big picture of the results of our efforts, which allows to make informed and intelligent strategic marketing decisions.

Some of our most common lead generation tactics include:
– Guaranteed cost per lead programs through content marketing
– Leads that convert to MQL and SQL opportunities faster
– Leads targeted and delivered at different stages of the marketing funnel

Discover more about our noteworthy software and IT success stories by viewing the case studies below.

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Financial Services

Financial institutions possess a distinct, specific set of needs when it comes to gaining exposure and attracting new accounts, especially when taking into account the intricate compliance requirements of the industry. But by targeting audiences with engagement strategies ranging from social to direct channels, our brand exposure techniques are directly tailored to your most sought after customers.


One of our greatest strengths at inSegment is understanding the landscape of our client’s field – and then customizing marketing strategies to fit that landscape.

Whether you’re an investment advisor, a local bank or credit union, or a financial software company, we know what it takes – from SEO to social media to generating leads for larger transactions – to boost your brand awareness and drive new accounts your way.

Discover how we helped one of New England’s top financial firms increase its customer base and maximize marketing ROI through our financial services digital marketing strategies, which include conversion-oriented campaigns through inSegment-built websites. View one of the case studies below to access the surprising results.

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