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6 Productivity Dos and Don’ts for the Workplace


The office: a space filled with the aroma of coffee, and the furious clicking of your coworkers’ keyboards… a room where ideas come to life, and hard work pays off. If this sounds familiar, your organization is probably a great place to work. But you may find that relieving stress in the workplace is as challenging as your day-to-day projects.

When workloads become too heavy, the office can be a tense environment. However, there’s a variety of techniques you can use to increase productivity in the workplace–which is essential to driving results for your company and customers.

So to make the workday commute of dread a thing of the past, and to put a spring in your step when you walk into the office, try these six productivity hacks to create a better environment for you and your coworkers.

1. Don’t Multitask

You’re not a computer made up of hard drives and software programs. So, why try to function like one? In order to ensure productivity in the workplace, you need to complete one task at a time.


Single-tasking is a great way to strengthen your decision-making skills and sustain your focus on one task. You’ll also find that single-tasking prevents errors that are commonly caused by multitasking in the workplace.

Essentially, a single-tasking work life improves your productivity in the workplace by making you more efficient. As a result, you’ll have more time to enjoy the company of your coworkers and your overall workplace environment.

2. Do Make Your Space Feel Like Home

We all know the old phrase: “a home away from home.” But what if this is applied to the workplace? In order to make the office feel less like a jail, it’s important to give it some life–literally.

Homey work space

According to a study by The University of Queensland, employees can increase productivity in the workplace by a whopping 15 percent just by introducing plants to the office.

And as well as using greenery to increase productivity, try giving your office a fresh lick of paint. Decorating a space with a mix of both cold and warm colors has proven to be effective. In theory, colder colors create a feeling of calmness and prompt creative outputs twice as much as warmer hues. By contrast, warmer colors are also great for boosting performance on detailed-oriented tasks.

3. Don’t Forget Google Calendar

Keep your workweek neat and organized with Google Calendar. Though pen and paper might be your usual staple, Google Calendar has a variety of features that’ll make you more productive in the workplace. For instance, you can create different calendars for separate aspects of your work or home life, set reminders, and schedule meetings that send notifications to participants.

Stay organized with Google Calendar
Google Calendar is a must-have business tool that can be both effective and time-saving. For example, you can leverage the calendar’s Quick Add feature, which automatically adds events based on your text descriptions. This, along with many other interesting features, can help you keep your life in order regardless of how big a mountain of assignments you’re handling.

4. Do Stretch Your Legs

The benefit of stepping away from your chair isn’t a workplace myth. Take some time to get acquainted with your office perimeters and get away from your workstation. According to researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine, employees who move around for two minutes every hour can reduce health risks by 33 percent.

But don’t get carried away–though beneficial to your health at work, stretching your legs shouldn’t be a long-distance backpacking trip. Make sure this two minute break doesn’t turn into a 10-minute excursion. After all, you want to improve your productivity in the workplace, not miss deadlines.


Besides moving around the office, try working while standing. Similarly to taking a short office walk, standing up at your desk can help you burn calories and reduce back pains.

Not only that but, according to a recent study, standing desks can help boost employee productivity by 46 percent. Since standing is a proven way to break free from uncomfortable sedentary time, this can help make your organization a great place to work.

5. Don’t Be as Gray as Your Office

The workplace doesn’t have to be monotonous–it’s perfectly fine to share a laugh with colleagues. Not only does laughter alleviate mental pressure, but it can also encourage positivity.

The Loma Linda University School of Medicine found that laughing is a great way to reduce the impact of stress hormones, which include cortisol and dopac. As a result, you’ll have increased creativity levels and, therefore, help to improve overall morale and productivity in the workplace. Who wouldn’t want to revitalize work performance while having fun?

Relax at the office

So laughter can relieve stress in the workplace–but you can’t overlook the basic benefits of a more relaxing environment. By enjoying your time with coworkers, you’ll build stronger relationships, and connect with people who have expertise that could help with your projects. As with keeping a detailed planner, workplace friends will get you back on track on particularly rough days.

6. Do Let Productivity Tools Help You

Don’t let your workload get out of control. It’s up to you to streamline your tasks–but thankfully, there’s a range of online tools at your disposal. For instance, try a service like SaneBox to filter out unimportant emails and keep relevant messages at the top of your inbox.

productivity tools no creative can live without

However, if work-related communication is hindering your productivity in the workplace, not to worry. Services such as Slack and TeamViewer are ready-to-use platforms that can help with team collaboration. They’re particularly great for sharing documents and scheduling online group meetings.

Online tools can be of enormous benefit to your work-related responsibilities. They’re imperative to increasing productivity in the workplace by doing most of the work for you–which means you’ll have extra brain power to use elsewhere.

In today’s business world, professionals tend to find themselves performing a balancing act at work, juggling multiple tasks at once. This can make the office a gloomy environment–but it doesn’t have to. Using small but powerful productivity hacks, you’ll take the stress out of your office, revive your efficiency, and make your company the ultimate place to work.