AdWords Search Funnel: The Best Friend You’ve Never Met

AdWords Search Funnel: The Best Friend You’ve Never Met

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Former American Merchant and politician John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half”. For many advertisers, this saying still rings true. However, advertising has come a long way since the late 1800’s. Advertisers today have various tools that help them measure the effectiveness of ads and ROI.

One of the most important advertising services for many businesses, big and small, is Google AdWords. AdWords places ads in Google search results when users search relevant keywords. Anyone who has run their own AdWords campaign understands the effort and persistence it takes to pinpoint the best keywords for your campaign.

If you continue to focus on an AdWords campaign as one of your main sources of advertising, having familiarity with the search funnel tool is crucial. In simple terms, the search funnel shows the search path leading up to a conversion. This is important because it helps advertisers figure out what search terms are most relevant to their product or service.

Beyond helping companies figure out what search words or phrases are most common, the search funnel gives insights into consumer behavior. By tracking the entire conversion path of a consumer, the search funnel helps you understand what ads a consumer might interact with on their path to your ad. The search funnel looks beyond just the last click and helps improve the paths that bring consumers to your ad.

Below are some of the most important aspects of the search funnel:

Assist Click

all the search ad clicks that happened prior to a conversion beforethe last click.

Assist Impressions

Ads that showed up on customer search results but weren’t clicked.

Assist Conversions

The number of conversions that were assisted by a particular ad group or keyword (not including last click conversion)

Path Length

The amount of clicks it took before a conversion actually happened


By using the search funnel tool you can figure out how to get the most value out of your PPC ad campaigns. The first and last clicks are important metrics, but they don’t always tell the full story. It’s important to track the entire path so you can better understand how your customers are finding you.

If you have a Google AdWords account, begin experimenting with the search funnel. If you need some help understanding how to track conversion paths, inSegment has PPC professionals that can help you better understand your customer’s actions.