Annual Drupalcamp in Romania: New Advancements, Networking Opportunities

Annual Drupalcamp in Romania: New Advancements, Networking Opportunities

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The 2013 Drupalcamp took place in the city of Tirgu-Mures in Romania on November 2-3. More than 150 web developers attended the event, including inSegment’s development team. The team consisted of three web developers (front-end and back-end), a graphic designer, and Daniel Ighisan, our Web Development Manager.

Drupalcamp represented a way to interact with developers that attended from all across the Drupal community. It was an excellent networking opportunity, and provided our web developers with invaluable knowledge about Drupal features.

The two-day conference had a busy schedule; it included 16 sessions, with subjects ranging from a basic introduction to the CMS to specific tips and tricks for effectively using Drupal. The speakers delivered quality presentations about how to take full advantage of Drupal 7’s current features. Furthermore, the conference highlighted several new features on Drupal 8, which is currently in beta. However, users wishing to help test and develop the next version of Drupal were encouraged to use it for test sites.

The inSegment development team experienced how Drupal Web Services will look and function on the new Drupal 8 platform, which will be integrated with Symfony. We were also presented with some live coding sessions for extending our search feature on Drupal using search API and Apache Solr. One key presentation focused on explaining more efficient tactics for configuration management when starting new projects and discussed more deeply installation profiles.

Why the excitement for Drupal 8? Mainly because site building is greatly improved in the latest Drupal version. The changes it brings will benefit theme developers and site builders. Developers will be able to do much more, given the fact that Drupal 8 has “merged” with Symfony. Drupal 8 is more object-oriented than Drupal 7. It’s more dynamic, and it brings many new features and enhancements to the table.

The latest version of Drupal is due in early 2014. If you are interested in checking this out for yourself, you can learn more here.