Another Bite Out of Apple

Another Bite Out of Apple

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Late yesterday Steve Jobs announced that he was leaving Apple. Jobs explained his decision stating in an interview that he had always said that when he felt that he could no longer perform as Apple’s CEO he would resign and that “Unfortunately that day has come”. This move comes shortly after Apple beat out Exxon Mobil (briefly) as the world’s most valuable company. Jobs’ struggle with cancer has been a public one and he has stepped down due to health reasons once before but this time it is for good. He has always had a strong hand in every aspect of the company including their product design and marketing efforts. I think that it would be fitting to look at some of the Apple’s revolutionary advertising campaigns.


This was the advertisement that started it all. It was wrought with controversy and filled with metaphor and it introduced the Apple Macintosh personal computer to the world. Jobs is one of the main reasons that this commercial ever aired because he felt so strongly that it should be shown despite criticism from the Apple board of directors.

In 2004 on the ad’s 20th anniversary Apple released an updated version featuring the heroine wearing an iPod.

Think Different

This campaign is often criticized for its bad grammar but that didn’t stop it from helping to shape Apple’s brand image into the innovative, creative one it has today. This campaign was most notably used in a commercial which featured some of history’s greatest free thinkers implying that they would approve of using Apple’s products. These great minds were also featured in the print version of this campaign in beautiful black and white portraits cementing Apple’s sleek and artistic advertising style.

During the series finale of Seinfeld the commercial was changed so that it ended on Jerry Seinfeld, a wonderful little nod to the end of a pop culture phenomenon.

Get a Mac (A.K.A. Mac vs. PC)

With this campaign Apple got feisty and decided to take a direct stab at their main competitor, Microsoft. This could have gone horribly wrong for them and completely backfired but instead its irreverent air and brilliant casting it fired on all the right cylinders and supported Apple’s image as the “cool” personal computer.

This campaign went global and was translated in most countries but In the UK the comedy duo Webb and Mitchell were cast and the Japanese version featured the Rahmens.


These ads don’t have a campaign name but they are iconic in their own right. These commercials helped to launch Apple’s entrance into the music world with the iPod.

With Steve Jobs at the helm Apple has done some amazing things both in the advertising and technology fields. Hopefully this will continue in his absence because it would be a shame to see this giant fall.