3 B2B Ads in the Super Bowl cover image

Big Payoffs for the Big Game: 3 B2B Ads in the Super Bowl


When the Denver Broncos took on the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 this past Sunday, there were plenty of advertisements to compete with the big game as usual, but surprisingly few B2B ads were seen.

Last year, we saw a few more ads that featured B2B companies creatively touting their services. But this year, the commercials generally focused on consumer products. However, there were a few notable B2B ads:


Last year, Wix.com, a web development platform, presented a commercial revolving around Brett Favre and other retired NFL players. The ad was funny and creative, showing what retired NFL players do with their free time and how they can use Wix to create a website for their new “passion.”

This year, Wix’s commercial featured characters from the Kung-Fu Panda films, tying in with the release of Kung-Fu Panda 3 earlier this year. Although it parodied other successful ads, it ultimately promoted Wix as the ideal platform for creating a business website that attracts customers.


Squarespace, another website builder, featured successful comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as fictional characters who create their own sports talk show with Squarespace. It was a clever way of using the immensely popular comedians to promote themselves against rival Wix.

Intuit QuickBooks (Death Wish Coffee)

This commercial was a true B2B ad. Last year, Intuit held a contest offering one small business the chance to win a free ad during the Super Bowl. Ultimately, Death Wish Coffee came out on top, giving the Round Lake, NY-based company the opportunity to promote its “highly caffeinated” coffee.

In the spot, Vikings weather a storm while their leader gives an inspirational speech, only for the camera to pan out to a man drinking them in his gulp of coffee. In the end, Intuit QuickBooks, which offers accounting software for small businesses, could be responsible for putting this small business on the map.

By using comedy and drama to grasp their audience’s attention, these B2B ads successfully promoted their brands to the largest TV audience in the world. With both website developers utilizing comedic tactics, it will be interesting to see which gains an advantage over the other thanks to boost from the Super Bowl. And with Death Wish Coffee using a motivational speech before the Vikings reached their ultimate consumption, it has made me think about grabbing a bag of extra caffeinated coffee to face my daily grind.