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Bing’s Big Boost: Search Engine Revamps Search Products

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Always the red-headed stepchild of the search engine industry, Bing has redesigned two of its search products in an attempt to stay relevant against industry giant Google. Bing News and Bing Video both unveiled their new looks over the weekend, both displaying a number of new, interactive features and a more responsive design.

Bing Video underwent a head-to-toe makeover; videos are now displayed in four-column grids, and each video thumbnail is larger and displays more relevant data pertaining to the video, including title, hosting site, and upload date. Bing is also widening its net with which it pulls videos; aside from hosting staples YouTube and Vimeo, the site is now pulling videos from Hulu, DailyMotion, Vevo, MTV, CBS, and MSN, increasing the amount of search results available to users. In addition to the new display and varied search results, Bing Video also premiered new features over the weekend, including:

  • Search filters, which allow users to narrow down search results with several different types of criteria, such as video length, source, and even resolution.
  • Video Overlay, which allows users to view videos from the search in a lightbox, and includes Bing’s carousel navigation to allow users to view other videos from the search without having to navigate back to a closed page, which is not possible with Google.

The Bing Video updates emphasize the engine’s intent to create a more useful, positive user experience with these new options and higher video quality.

Bing News also underwent a major facelift. The newsfeed is now responsive for all devices, the clunky 2 column headline display a thing of the past. Bing has also moved its Trending Topics section up on the page, placing it directly under headlines, with an image-heavy carousel navigation. Other news is displayed under Trending Topics in a three column layout, which now includes popular news links in Facebook and Twitter.

Bing News is placing an emphasis on social sharing, highlighting Trending Topics and moving stories that are shared often on social media sites farther up in the feed. It will be interesting to watch and see if the amount of active users increases following these changes. While Bing seeks to make a more interactive experience for users, the fact remains that as a basic search engine, it is trailing behind Google in terms of users and searches.

Will these new updates tempt you to use Bing more? Tell us what you think about the new Video and News search experiences on Facebook!