Choose Your Own All-Star Marketing Squad!

Choose Your Own All-Star Marketing Squad!

Online Marketing

Marketers and advertisers don’t get a lot of love on television; it seems like every other character is an architect or children’s book illustrator, but there is no real representative for the growing digital marketing industry. However, we’ve found that an interdisciplinary approach to marketing can sometimes foster the best, most creative results. We’ve combed through our DVRs and Netflix accounts to pull some of TV’s most accomplished characters that would be great in a new, digital career. Here’s our line-up:

SEO Professional:

Jack Donaghy, Corporate Executive & sundry other titles (30 Rock)


An SEO professional must be able to above all other things, think critically and creatively to solve problems and identify new opportunities to elevate brand awareness. Jack Donaghy is nothing if not an accomplished solution finder. Plus, who wouldn’t trust a man with so many executive titles on his resume?

PPC/Lead Generation Professional:

Temperance “Bones” Brennan, currently Forensic Anthropologist at Medico-Legal Lab (Bones)


Crime may not pay, but PPC does. A good lead generation expert uses both experience and analytical reasoning to make strategic bidding decisions. Dr. Brennan is a celebrated empiricist, meaning she uses both evidence and experience to inform her thought process. A great PPC professional also needs a little creativity in them; Bones is a crime fiction author in her spare time, proving she has a flair for the creative.

Content Marketer:

Will McAvoy, currently Managing Editor, News Anchor for NewsNight (The Newsroom)


 Great content marketer should be able to see how a story can develop and adapt across multiple platforms from a chunk of information. They have to be adept at creating a conversation, and at storytelling, and who is better at telling a story than a journalist? Will McAvoy’s ability to see both sides of a situation, and to craft a compelling narrative out of any situation, would make him an excellent content marketer.

Social Media Marketer:

Phil Dunphy, currently a Real Estate Agent (Modern Family)


This is one of our more off-the-wall picks, but stay with us. Social media is about continuing conversations woth stakeholders in real time. A social media marketer needs to be empathetic, have a finger on the pulse of every conversation related to the brand, and be passionate about the brand. We can think of few characters as willing to be involved in multiple conversations about the same types of things, and is as sunnily optimistic and empathetic as Phil Dunphy. Bonus points – magic-themes posts!

 Brand Advocate:

Leslie Knope, currently City Councilor and Deputy Director to the Pawnee City Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks and Recreation)


A good brand advocate is constantly seeking opportunities to engage consumers in conversation about the brand, and to positively portray and elevate brand visibility. Leslie Knope’s passion for Pawnee makes her the town’s most zealous defender; imagine what she could do for your company! If nothing else, her office Secret Santa gifts make her a valuable addition to any corporate culture.

Web Designer & Developer:

Abby Sciuto, currently Forensic Specialist at Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)


A great web designer and developer should have the technical expertise to build a superior system, a sophisticated design aesthetic to create a beautiful website and other digital assets, and should be analytic and strategically minded to understand what design elements elevate a website from just a showpiece to a highly functioning lead generation tool. Abby certainly has the mindset and technical know-how to succeed, and her outside-of-the-box style shows us she has an idea about design!

Head of Creative:

Don Draper, currently Head of Creative at Sterling Cooper & Partners (Mad Men)


We’ve already said that Don would make an amazing digital marketer, and when it comes to the head of your creative department, why settle for anything less than the best? (Although we’d ask him to lay off the booze.)







Who do you think we missed? Disagree with us? Let us know who you’s add (or subtract) in the comments below!

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