Cliché is King – 5 Marketing Standbys That We’re Tired of Hearing

Cliché is King – 5 Marketing Standbys That We’re Tired of Hearing

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Around this time of year, marketing experts all tend to focus their blogs and social postings about what the industry will look like in the New Year. Predictions fly thick and fast, and certain trends tend to emerge in each post, informed by past performances and events from the past year. Unfortunately, some of these predictions are formed from tired, over-wrought marketing clichés. These quick sayings are dashed off so many times that they lose all meaning and relevance. Here are the five marketing clichés that make us want to tear our hair out every time we see them – and yes, we think a little less of you if you use them:

  1. Content is King:UGH. This phrase is so overused, no one even knows what it originally meant. The idea is that customers respond to content, so that brands that deliver it to their audiences are more successful online. The shift of search engine marketing that placed an emphasis on quality content production and distribution only strengthened this belief, which birthed this cloying alliteration. Despite from being played out, the thought is incomplete; quality is key to content production, and content distribution is crucial to success with content marketing. Otherwise, your content is just a king without a crown (or kingdom).
  2. SEO is Dead:No it’s not. Anyone who says this while wringing their hands is either not an actual SEO professional, or they are a black-hatter that relied on tricks and schemes to rig SERP rankings. SEO isn’t dead, it’s different. Marketers can’t rely on keywords as heavily, since Google has encrypted them, and search engines are penalizing thin or irrelevant cntent. SEOs need to focus on quality now more than ever, which is better in the long run for customers and brands.
  3. Surprise and Delight Your Customers:This statement makes your brand sound off-kilter. Besides, you want to consistently offer value, insight, and quality messages to your customers; you don’t want them to be surprised by a targeted offer or insightful webpage. You want that to be standard procedure for your brand.
  4. Go for Low-Hanging Fruit:This tired phrase is a metaphor for “quick hits”, or for pursuing an objective that will return results quickly. Unfortunately, if it’s a quick hit, most of your competitors will be going for it as well. Look higher up on the tree.
  5. We Need to be Choiceful Here:

No we don’t. That’s not even a word. If you’re going to be in marketing or advertising, you’d better have a command of English language and grammar (especially to avoid relying on clichés).

Let’s all make a resolution for the New Year: to scrub these phrases from our everyday language. We can do it! We can also help you achieve actual marketing results that speak for themselves, without the use of clichés. Check out our Process to maximizing our clients’ online potential, and see how we are able to deliver success again and again.