Creating a Stir- Why Oreo is Succeeding at Content Marketing

Creating a Stir- Why Oreo is Succeeding at Content Marketing

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In the last year, the Oreo brand has been receiving high praise for their content marketing, and it’s well deserved. Last week, our blog post on Content Marketing 101 featured Oreo’s  “Dunk After Dark” campaign, and we are excited to see that their latest ad endeavor is just as exciting. Oreo isn’t afraid to try new and innovative marketing styles, and now they’re taking a fresh spin on their brand with their new web series called Oreo Snack Hacks.

Oreo Snack Hacks features 2-3 minute YouTube videos that highlight talented chefs and their independent businesses. As the chefs talk about their own cooking style and what the Oreo cookie means to them, they create a “hack”, where they use the Oreo as an ingredient in a new recipe. The series premiered April 8th featuring 3 different chefs, and each video has garnered over 600,000 views and over 800 likes in total. The caption under the videos include the recipes created by the chefs, and encourage input and ideas from the viewers. The webisodes have already gained positive attention, and the campaign is likely to be a smashing success. Here’s why Oreo Snack Hacks is the latest content marketing win:

Tells a Story-

Although the webisodes are only 2-3 minutes long, each one tells a different story about the chefs, their inspirations and cooking style, and always ends with a completed product. The completion of their “Hack” is satisfying to the chef and to the viewer, and leaves you wanting more content!

Uses Multiple Forms of Social Media-

This campaign is ideal for millennials, as it interacts with its consumers through multiple social media accounts. Viewers have the ability to comment on and like the video and share their “Hack” on Twitter,  where Oreo frequently retweets the creations. Oreo fans are also encouraged to stay up-to-date on new Hacks on Instagram and Facebook, where they can like the photos and share with friends.

Story is Told with Pathos-

While the webisodes are fast paced and upbeat, they convey enough emotion that allows the consumer to connect and relate to the chefs. The chefs describe their emotional connection to Oreo, such as the first time they ate one at the age of 5 or indulging in an after-class college ritual. Sharing their own personal Oreo stories conveys that these chefs truly care about the brand and are inspired by Oreo.

Stays on Brand-

Oreo’s brand summary on facebook reads “The classic cookie you know and love, bringing you moments of Wonder”, and they certainly exemplify this statement in the webisodes. By combining the classic nostalgic nature of the Oreo cookie with the invitation of Wonder and new adventure, Oreo makes it clear they want you to take their iconic product and make it all your own.

Call to action-

The Oreo webisode doesn’t feel like a commercial, it’s a quick video that encourages you to be interactive. Oreo summons you with a call-to-action; try making the chefs recipe for yourself, or create your own unique recipe with Oreo and share it. The call-to-action encourages the consumer to follow-up with the brand, and after seeing these tasty recipes, it’s certain that many will be eager to try them.

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