Link Building

By Elizabeth Jackman

If Facebook and Google merged, what would it be called? Facegoogle? Googlebook? Faceboogle?

I personally prefer Fa-Google. It has a Fuh-geddaboudit ring to it. As in, Fuh-geddaboud digital life as we know it.

Imagine a central login that gives you access to your social network, plus the power and utility of all Google applications and tools – your working documents and office files, your shopping preferences and Gchat, your games, email and music choices, invitations and business meetings – not to mention a highly sophisticated search index of all the information available from the world wide web.

How preposterous is this?

Completely and not at all.

Completely, because Google and Facebook are sworn enemies. The likelihood of a buyout or merger is dubious at best. (But hey, weirder things have happened.)

Not at all, because: 1) people are increasingly spending their internet time and interactions within their social networks, and 2) cloud computing is where web technology is heading.

As Facebook has enhanced its basic social functions to mirror general web utilities, Google has similarly tried to back-in to the social aspects of search and the web. As the two monoliths compete for dominance over the digital world, we come closer and closer to an integrated landscape of social and operational activities.

In mankind’s endless quest for greater efficiency, we will centralize and incorporate our web functions to make life more seamless, organized and cooler.

And cheaper. A world anchored in cloud and web-based services, such as office and security software, is a world where Microsoft and its expensive monopoly on computer products is either obsolete, or at least bent to the will of the cloud.

It is a lighter, faster world, where end-users function on thin-clients and companies can inexpensively install updates, provide security and enable remote access.

It is a world of ones. One user name, one password, one click to whoever or whatever you want.

It is a world of countless new security threats (and hopefully better security solutions).

It is a world that is coming, freeing us from the clunkiness of hardware and making us more dependent on…a cloud.