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Facebook’s New Ad Tools: Taking Companies to a New Level

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Back in late February, Facebook introduced a lot of new ad products for companies to use on their website. While this had very little effect on the average user, advertisers were in for a treat. The four products Facebook introduced were Premium on Facebook, Logged Out ads, Reach Generator and Offers. The company also asked distinguished brands to make the shift to telling “Stories” for their advertisements. The story structure plays into the overall change in the culture of Facebook (i.e. the new time line feature). A few large companies have embraced these new tools and have seen results.

The Procter & Gamble detergent brand Tide utilized Facebook’s Premium ads to reach out to over 1 million people. Tide capitalized on a crash and ensuing fire that occurred during a NASCAR race in March. Tide was used to clean up the track, so the company took advantage of this by posting a Premium ad on Facebook. This advertisement had a 62% higher engagement rate than their previous ads on Facebook.

Large brands like Subway and Ford used the new Logged Out ads to capture the attention of their followers. The Subway ad featured spokesman Blake Griffin and a number of comical outtakes. This video had nearly 500,000 hits and Subway’s reach during this week-long campaign increased tenfold. Ford launched a Logged Out ad at the end of March highlighting the Ford Mustang. The video got more than a million plays and boosted Ford’s PTAT (People Talking About This) by 180% in one day.

Brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Dr. Pepper utilized the Reach Generator tool to make sure all fans received their latest updates. A typical post on a brand site only reaches 16% of fans, but with this new tool, Ben & Jerry’s was able to reach 98% of their fans during a month long period. Dr. Pepper expanded their reach to 83% of its fans using this tool. They also saw a 140% jump in their PTAT.

The fourth new product that Facebook introduced was Offers. This is a product that allows consumers to redeem the deals from their desktop or mobile, since they are offered through a Brand page. Offers are essentially coupons for special deals that the company offers for a limited amount of time. Einstein Bros. ran a buy-one-get-one offer at the end of February and saw a significant spike in their PTAT, with 32,000 people redeeming their offer.

Facebook is one of the most innovative and effective companies in terms of social media marketing for other businesses. As seen above, these campaigns work because they strive to tell a story and create a lasting relationship with your customers.