Google Display Network Remarketing: E-Commerce’s Best Friend

Google Display Network Remarketing: E-Commerce’s Best Friend

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It’s hard out there for e-commerce retailers. Although public opinion believes that online shopping is a major element of internet activity, reports by Google and ValueClick paint a much bleaker picture: 98% percent of a website’s visitors leave without converting. That means that there is only a 2% chance of a user completing a purchase when they visit your website. In order to make your website profitable, it’s important to continue the conversation with those users that bounce off of your website, to maximize the chances that they return to your website and actually convert. This process is called recapture marketing, or simply remarketing. There are many ways that you can target these wayward would-be customers, but there is an easy, cost-free step that all marketers should begin with: Google Display Network Remarketing

Google Display Network Remarketing is a free program that integrates with an e-commerce site’s Google Analytics and Adwords accounts as well as the Google Merchant Center to create and deliver product display ads to former site visitors based upon the items or pages that they viewed the last time they were on the site. These ads are shown throughout the entire Google Display Network, and display either the exact items that the user viewed, or similar products based upon the user’s history on the site. Showing a potential consumer the very products they were researching (or longing for) when they were on the site maximizes the chance that they will come back to the site – either through the ad or by direct traffic – and make a purchase.

Setting up your Google Remarketing is relatively simple, but like all marketing techniques, it takes careful strategy and planning; jumping in without first identifying goals will only waste your time. Spending some time diving into Google Analytics and understanding which pages and products see a high amount of traffic, are popular at check out, and which visitor types are converting the most will help you define your recapture goals and set up your system. It’s also critical to remember that while the Remarketing program is free, the ads that it creates are not; you still have to bid upon them, so it’s smart to create different ad groups and to adjust bidding on them; most of all, it’s important to TEST your ads before you get too crazy with remarketing. If your ROI isn’t positive, it hasn’t done much to help your marketing or your bottom line.

Although Google Display Network Remarketing is a great tool, it can be complicated to utilize effectively. That’s where inSegment comes in. Our Lead Generation services include recapture marketing, and one of the many tools we are adept at using is the Google Display Network. Let us help you turn your e-commerce site into a conversion machine, and turn the tide of website bounces back towards your website!