Dynamic Remarketing by Google Adwords cover image

Google’s Newest AdWords Toy: Dynamic Remarketing


It seems that Google isn’t done rolling out new changes and products; last month, the search titan released a beta test of their dynamic remarketing program, Google Merchant Center. While it is only available to clients in travel or education industries, Google plans to make the program widely available by the end of the year; however, the dynamic retargeting requires an account with Google Merchant, which is currently only available in 15 countries, including the United States.

According to Search Engine Watch, these remarketing ads are dynamic, featuring products a visitor has previously seen on the company’s website. Merchants are able to create these ads themselves, or Google can also create those dynamic remarketing ads for merchants automatically. Google also has auto optimization that adjusts to serve the best performing layouts on a per impression basis. The Merchant Center will also automatically generate recommended, related and popular products to display in those ads, and also features the real-time bidding algorithm.

Recapture marketing is important on several levels; it continues the interaction with your brand that was begun when the user visited your site. It also helps to capture leads that abandoned your site without converting; recapture marketing is a second chance at targeting and generating a high level lead.

Although the Google Merchant retargeting program is still in beta, with a limited number of participants, Google is still reporting positive results; for example, Sierra Trading Post claims they saw their click-through rates double from traditional remarketing campaigns. Furthermore, the company says they had a conversion rate with Google Merchant Center that was 5 times that of their previous retargeting campaigns.

Recapture marketing is an important element of demand generation. While this dynamic automation is extremely helpful, companies should rely on their own bidding and optimization strategy. If that sounds too daunting, let us help. Our demand generation services are layered and integrated, casting a wide net over targeted sections for the greatest number of quality leads. And we are completely Google AdWords certified, so we know how to implement these new tools to maximize their usefulness.