Mobile Website Optimization

How to Make the Most of Your Mobile Site

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Recent studies in the United States show that 37% of users access the internet via their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s vital that your company’s digital presence is mobile-friendly; you don’t want your website to lose visitors simply because of poor mobile capability. Given the on-the-go lifestyle most people embody today, taking your website mobile is essential. One way to increase your mobile footprint is to build a streamlined, mobile-dedicated version of your website. When building a mobile version of your company’s site, make sure you are following all the necessary steps to ensure its success.

Brevity and Simplicity:

People accessing the internet on a mobile device tend to be in a hurry. They are often looking for information on-the-go. Make sure your content is as concise as possible. Your visitors do not want to sift through paragraphs or click through multiple pages to find the information they are looking for. They will likely exit your site if this happens, which will affect your click-through-rate. Keep your sentences short, focusing on the main message.

Responsive and Interactive:

Make sure your website displays correctly on the wide variety of mobile devices with Internet capability. All tablets and smart phones are not the same. Check the different operating systems available, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. You also need to test the interactive features on your site to make sure your links work. Offer a redirect to the full site at appropriate times, when there is too much information that would overwhelm the mobile page. Continually check the load time for your different pages and redirects; site speed and load times will appeal to mobile users in a hurry. Most mobile devices are difficult to type on, due to the lack of keyboard. Minimize the amount of text you require your users to enter themselves to make their experience easier.

Content and Organization:

Choose the content of your mobile website carefully. As mentioned, you don’t want people to feel like they are wasting their time on your site. Know your audience, and pick the most desired and sought after information to showcase on this version of the site. For example, many mobile users access a company’s site to find a brand’s physical store location, to get directions or to find contact information. No one can use this focused content if they cannot find it. Keep the organization of your site clear and neat. Most users will be viewing on a small screen, so it should be easy for them to read and understand.

Keeping these points in mind will help maintain visitor traffic to your mobile site. Do not forget while doing this to always define your brand. Your website serves to showcase your brand. Make sure your site is visually appealing, recognizable, and includes your logos and any colors or themes. If you are looking for assistance in taking your website to a mobile version, contact our website design team.