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inSegment VPs Major Presenters at Strategic Margins Conference


inSegment was a presenting co-sponsor of the Strategic Margins Conference, an event held on May 17 and geared towards marketing best practices and innovations for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.  Produced by the Agility Resources Group, the Strategic Margins Conference brought representatives from over 45 organizations and 3 states together to discuss how to generate revenue in the face of economic turbulence.

inSegment’s VP of Digital Marketing, Ian Klein, spoke for over 45 minutes on digital marketing strategy and techniques, highlighting areas and tactics that are most beneficial to financial institutions.  In particular, he highlighted the key aspects of designing and building a bank website to act as a “digital branch location” for customers, where customers can find all the information – and act on it – that they would in a traditional banking location.  Additionally, Klein discussed how banking websites must also be built not only to inform and assist current customers, but also to attract and retain new customers as well.  If a website attracts potential customers in, but fails to incite them to leave their information or to sign up for an account, then the site has only done half of its job.  Klein also spoke about supporting digital marketing efforts, such as search and display marketing, as well as the importance of attaching real human connection to all digital marketing efforts.

The Strategic Margins Conference also included speakers from several financial institutions reporting on the current trends in their industry.  It also featured a keynote presentation from NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and former New England Patriot Steve Grogan, who spoke about the necessity of strategy to being successful in any endeavor, from athletics to business.

inSegment’s VP of Sales, Dan Freeman, also participated  in the conference, moderating a panel on cross-selling strategies.  Overall, the event was a success, and one that inSegment was happy not only to be a part of, but to sponsor as well.

inSegment has a consistent history of successfully implementing integrated, digital campaigns for financial institutions, including banks and credit unions.  To see some of the work that we have done in this space, please visit our Industries page.