Is Your Agency Built to Last? 6 Things to Look for When Evaluating an Agency

Is Your Agency Built to Last? 6 Things to Look for When Evaluating an Agency

Online Marketing

Digital marketing services are critically important to businesses looking to increase revenue and to grow their customer base. More and more, companies are looking to agencies to help strategize, implement, and measure digital campaigns. Lots of agencies boast about how “on trend” they are; these statements can sound attractive to companies, who are looking for immediate returns on their marketing investment. However, when evaluating a marketing agency, businesses shouldn’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Lots of digital agencies are current; but what you should be asking is if they are looking ahead of the present trends and anticipating future developments and needs. If the agency you’re working with doesn’t have these 6 things in mind, they won’t be around too long.

1. Integrated Services and Campaigns

Stand-alone services simply won’t work for much longer online; digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, website optimization, and social media advertising are at their most successful when leveraged as components of a single overarching strategy. This is evident even in today’s trends; 72% of digital marketing clients prefer a full-service approach.

2. Multi-Device Friendly Campaigns

Consumers simply aren’t viewing webpages on a desktop anymore. Mobile, tablet, and other devices are making up more and more of all online data consumption; recent data shows that the average person uses 2.9 devices to go online. Google has noticed this trend, and has changed its systems accordingly – mobile capability is now a search ranking factor. If your digital presence doesn’t include a mobile element, you’re simply obsolete. If your agency can’t produce these types of campaigns, it’s obsolete, too.

3. SEO = SoLoMo

The future of digital and search marketing will boil down to three elements: social, local, and mobile. Any digital campaign should take one of these elements into account; search marketing especially should leverage this trifecta, optimizing social media content, appearing on local directories and searches, and optimizing for mobile use as well.

4. Keeping the Crown on Content

The term “content is king” is hackneyed and overused, but content marketing is and will continue to be a critical part of digital marketing. While many agencies understand this fact, and dutifully crank out whitepapers and case studies, they don’t understand that not all content will follow these guidelines. Videos, infographics, podcasts, presentations, and more traditionally written content pieces are all necessary to a successful content marketing strategy. If your agency can’t recognize this fact, they cannot help you.

5. Practice What They Preach

In today’s hectic, fast-paced market, agencies could get away with the “cobbler’s children have no shoes effect”; these firms were so busy working on behalf of their clients that they could not tend to their own digital presence. However, this excuse won’t cut it for much longer. If your agency has an outdated website, a sad, empty social media presence, or can’t speak to new trends or industry tools like an early adopter, then it’s likely that they won’t be able to keep your campaigns on the cutting edge.

6. Creativity and Analytic Thinking Coexist

There seems to be a dichotomy in digital marketing and advertising; the emphasis on strategy and measurement has seemed to squeeze out the creativity in copy and design. Both creativity and logic need to be present in a digital campaign (truthfully, they need to be present in both, but we’ll stick with what we know). The “idea man” also needs to be the “implementation man”, and vice versa. When creative concepts are married to clear strategy and measured with realistic benchmarks, it’s a thing of beauty.


There is a lot to consider when evaluating digital agencies. Is it successful now, and has it laid the foundation to be successful two and five years from now? If you’re searching for your future agency, check out inSegment’s services. Our integrated, mobile friendly campaigns are built to maximize results now and down the road.