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Let Search Engine Results Help You Pick Your Halloween Costume!

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Halloween is coming up fast; have you figured out what costume you’ll be wearing this year? Picking the perfect disguise can be tough; you want an outfit that is modern and relevant, but you don’t want to walk into a party and see three people wearing the exact same thing. So how do you decide? Let Google and Yahoo! help you out! Both search engines have released lists of the most searched-for costumes, which have been compiled by Search Engine Watch. Interestingly, while both lists share the same number one search, the rest of the lists differ completely. What are you most likely to see this October 31st? Here are each engine’s top ten costume searches:

Google Shopping:

1. Minion Costumes (from the Despicable Me movie series)

Interestingly, this costume is highest in search volume for both adults and children.

2. Breaking Bad

Since Walter White’s journey has come to an end on the popular AMC show, searches for related costumes have gone up 3 times than what they were last Halloween.

3. Fox

We, like SEW, can only assume that the popularity of Fox costume is due to the viral video “The Fox”.

4. Duck Dynasty

The A&E reality show is driving interest in themed costumes, with the highest amount of searches in Texas.

5. Miley Cyrus

The singer’s recent antics have spurred a spike in costume searches.

6. Minecraft

The popular game has inspired many people to buy – or make – related costumes.

7. Daenerys (from the HBO series Game of Thrones)

Many fans are looking to dress up like the dragon lady this year.

8. Batman

A perennial favorite, the Caped Crusader has seen a 36% increase in searches this Halloween.

9. Gatsby Dress

No doubt spurred by the recent film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

10. Daft Punk

Having the hit song of the summer is good for business!


1.  Minion

2. Pirate

3. Monster High

4. Teen Beach

5. Wonder Woman

6. Catwoman

7. Minnie Mouse

8. Alice in Wonderland

9. Poison Ivy (from the Batman universe of characters)

10. Harley Quinn (from the Batman universe of characters)

Yahoo! also put together a top ten “pop culture-inspired” costume list, which included:

1. Duck Dynasty

2.  Despicable Me

3. Zombie costumes (inspire by every zombie movie and TV show on the air now)

4. Star Wars costumes

5. Vampire costumes

6. Flapper costumes (Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby have a hand in this theme)

7. Nicki Minaj costumes

8. Hunger Games costumes

9. Hello Kitty costumes

10. Dominatrix costumes (We don’t even want to know)

So, if you want to make a splash this year, slap on some cammo and practice your duck calls. Interested in learning how to use this kind of information to inform marketing and sales decisions? Call us; just don’t be concerned if we’re dressed like Katniss and Minnie Mouse when we answer!