Put the “Click” Back in Pay-Per-Click: 5 PPC Ad Writing Strategies that Work

Put the “Click” Back in Pay-Per-Click: 5 PPC Ad Writing Strategies that Work

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For many paid search professionals, writing successful ad copy – the kind that increases ad relevance, quality score, and clicks – is a challenge. Good ad copy that increases the click-through rate of an ad will help with the cost per click, the cost per conversion, and the overall return on investment of your ad. It’s worth investing a little time in to write and optimize superior copy.

Google recently released “Creative That Clicks”, a guide that details improvements in ad performance that Google saw internally from testing ad copy best practices. We scoured the guide to bring you some of the best and easiest ways to tweak your ad copy to maximize clicks:

  1. Capitalize the first word in your ad: When this tactic is coupled with placing target keywords in the ad title, the ad will be positively impacted.
  2. Use your keywords or a variation of them in the ad headline: By directly alerting users what the ad is about, click-through rate (CTR) can be increased by as much as 15%.
  3. Also use your keywords in the first description line of the ad: This tactic reinforces the relevance of the ad, and can significantly impact the ad’s CTR in a positive eway.
  4. Include the keywords in ad’s display URL: Including your keyword in your destination URL can increase CTR by 8%.
  5. For branded ad groups, consider inserting ‘Official Site’, ™, or ® after the brand name: These visual cues will help users verify that this is an official message from your brand, and not a spammy ad. Reinforcing this trust in your brand could help increase the CTR of your ad by 2.6%.

All of these tactics are quick, and relatively easy to implement, but they can potentially increase the effectiveness of your ad – and lower costs – significantly. As is true with every element of search engine marketing, you need to test these tactics thoroughly; some will work better for your brand and your target audience.

If you’re still lost as to how to write a successful ad, or your entire SEM campaign needs a little boost, talk to us; our experiences and successes in the PPC realm give us unparalleled insight into the industry. Let us help you succeed!