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Quora and Customer Engagement: Is This the Marketer’s Social Media Dream?

Social Media

So, you’re on Facebook and Twitter; that means you’re on top of social media, right?  Not quite.  Several alternative channels offer unique opportunities to engage with your audience.  One of these is Quora,  an interactive forum.  With about 2 million users and growing, Quora can help your brand reach a whole new audience. 

Quora is a Q&A sites that ranks questions and answers based on engagement through followers/users, views, votes, reviews and shares.  While company accounts aren’t permitted on Quora, brand representatives can identify themselves and contribute to questions and answers.  This is a great opportunity to address target audiences directly. Below are some simple steps provided by Jim Yu to help your brand on Quora.

1.Follow related topics:

Follow a handful of topics and threads related to your brand and/or industry.  This is great for market and competitor research; find out what is being said about your competition and your company, and use this info to inform your decisions on future campaigns.

2. Prioritize content:

Quora allows you to follow and lead discussions involving many elements of your brand such as products, customer service, and corporate responsibility.  Be sure to cover the most important areas, but don’t forget about the minor details.

3. Assign and train experts to contribute to discussions:

Not only do you want to be following relatable topics of your industry, but you want to    be leading discussions. This will increase your web visibility and generate leads to help  improve your brand and customer satisfactory rate.  Some things to remember while     doing this are to:

A.Identify yourself explicitly as a representative of your brand/company

B. Provide information and perspective this is valuable to viewers

C.  Never sell!  This could seriously harm your company’s image and could result in losing followers or being blocked by users.

4.  Track metrics to measure your experts’ engagement:

Quora is about quality and credibility, but like all social media, it is measurable. Some metrics you can track along the way are the number of:

a. Followers for related topics

b. Followers for each of your experts.

c. Answers for each expert and

d. Votes and shares

5. Use Quora as a blogging platform:    

Quora’s blogging platform is great for the “once-in-a-while” blogger or for brands that want to reach a different and larger audience.

In order to be successful at social media management, you have to stay on top of emerging trends, strategies, platforms, and movements on all the channels that your brand uses.  It can be a bit overwhelming; that’s why inSegment offers social media marketing services as a part of our integrated marketing services.  While we’re not active on Quora yet for our own brand, we’re more than willing to jump in for our clients.