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Reasons Your Company Should Be on Tumblr

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With Google rumored to be de-indexing blogs from search engine result pages and the search algorithms in the near future, many people are left wondering as to how to best avoid being penalized. Well it seem that all eyes have now turned to rising superstar blogging platform Tumblr.

For those of you who aren’t sure what Tumblr is, it is essentially a very-easy-to-use, free, blogging platform which has seen incredible growth in the last year. Boasting over 15 billion page views per month across its platform, many companies and individuals have been quite active, as you can imagine. It is one of the easier platforms to interact with presently and, unlike other blogging forums users can follow each other in a similar fashion to how they would on Twitter.

Quite a few social media-related applications provide a service which can push data, whether it be an article or a photo, to Tumblr. The popular, and now Facebook-owned, application Instagram is one such application but other services like WordPress do this as well via plug-ins such as this one. Unlike most WordPress sites where tag clouds only apply to the internal part of the website, Tumblr uses a global tag system enabling one to find other posts and blogs which match specific clouds of keywords. This makes it easier for people to find your account or your content (re-blogging a post only takes a fraction of a second, by the way).

And if the advantages above weren’t enough to convince you, there are official Tumblr apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Tumblr has a highly-developped API that is present in loads of other free tools and clients on the market. This platform shows no signs of slowing down either and keeps adding new themes and new features constantly. While this may not be the ultimate blogging solution, it definitely cannot be ignored whether it be to tap into your native, target audience or for SEO and SEM purposes.

Lastly, based on an article and graph originally posted on TheNextWeb, it appears that the traffic from Tumblr sites will exceed that one of blogs by year’s end (the current project date is October 12th, 2012):

Speaking of which, we at inSegment are proud to introduce our recently created Tumblr page which can be found here. Feel free to follow us on it in order to stay up-to-date on our posts by hitting the ‘+ Follow’ button on the top right.