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SEO’s Shifting Focus

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Over the past few years, and particularly in the last few months, many changes have occurred in the way Google measures and ranks pages within its search results. Experts see this as an opportunity to remind users to diversify their search engine optimization techniques, and to constantly adapt to new changes. Some items brands should keep in mind when working on their search engine visibility:

  1. No more keywords- Very recently, Google took away website owners’ access to see which keywords are driving users to their sites. Without this information, the site creators will have to speculate on what words to pack their site with in order to draw search engine results.
  2. PageRank- The most well known search engine algorithm, PageRank, ranks websites based on Google search engine results. Normally, Google updates PageRank about every three months. However, it’s been 8 months since the last update. This leaves users questioning whether PageRank will still exist in the future, or if it is another SEO tool that Google is going to eliminate.
  3. Hummingbird- Recently put in place, this new algorithm improves Google search engine’s ability to understand conversational searches. For comparison purposes, think of how the software Siri works on an iPhone. It produces search results in response to you stating a question or demand. The algorithm also is advanced enough to allow you to build off your previous conversational searches, and produce more specific results.
  4. Google+- Although not a new change, Google+ constantly evolves, affecting SEO. Having a Google+ account increases users’ ability to get more personalized search results, building off your online identity.
  5. Author Credibility- Also not new, Authorship is like Google+; its influence builds over time. This tool helps Google create “Author Ranks”. As you build up your credentials as an author, Google raises your rank and credibility in its search engine’s eyes.
  6. In-depth articles- This Google feature is on the rise, and should not be overlooked. Working on your SEO with this search classification in mind can significantly help your ranking.

The Bottom Line: These changes may all seem minor when isolated, but together they represent a definite shift in the focus  of search marketing. Instead of focusing on more tactical approaches, these changes force website owners to concentrate on building their authority, content, and user experience. Essentially, this is what a strong website should be based on. To ensure that you are up to date with changes and staying on top of your SEO, visit our SEO team.