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Spooky Web-Design: Part 2

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Happy Halloween everyone! So, as promised some more websites that may send a shiver down your spine. For this edition I decided that I would focus on web design choices that are particularly unfortunate. The reason behind why these sites are so bad is not just that they have basic design flaws (which they do) but also because it is for services that rely on good design and aesthetics for their business. If you run a graphic design or other design company people will look to your website to get a sense of you taste and the kind of work that you can deliver. That is why it is especially important for design companies and businesses that offer design services to have a well-designed website. Again, brand names have been eliminated with grey squares to avoid embarrassment.

1)      Real Estate Web Design

Real Estate Spooky Web Design

This is the website of a web design firm operating in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina. They mainly have real estate clients (as can be seen in their portfolio) and seem to be appealing to those types of clients in particular. This site has many problems so I might as well just dive in. Firstly, their navigation is confusing. They have a list of their services running along the very top of their page this is confusing to users because they see those services and want to click on them thinking that those are the navigation menus, but they aren’t. When designing a website you want to make sure that you don’t do anything that could cause confusion because visitors may just leave your site instead of staying and making a conversion. Let’s go down the list of the other problems with this site. This layout is not professional and looks more like a blog than a corporate website. All of the navigation tabs are just links, not 3-D looking tabs (which is what most people are used to now). The color scheme is dated and the font is not customized. This site looks like something someone did in about 15 minutes in the 90’s. This site is not the kind of work that you want to present to a client who may want to entrust you with the design of their website.

2)      Interior Design Expert

 Interior Design Spooky web Design

Unfortunately, it was much harder to find examples of bad interior design websites than bad web design websites. I say unfortunately because in the web design industry it is much more important to have an excellent website considering that you are selling your design skills to others. Still, when you want to sell something like interior design it is very important to make sure that your website reflects the caliber of the work that you can do. If you look at the examples of this person’s work on her site you can see that it does not match the rather sparse appearance of her website. Instead it is very colorful and filled with patterns. A website should always reflect the feeling of your brand and this site does not do that. In addition the navigation bar is not where people expect it to be and although it incorporates some interesting animation this means that it takes longer to load than is necessary and is distracting. Below is an example of a very clean and simple interior design site for comparison.

Interior Design Clean and Simple web Design

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