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What Can You Do with 300 Milliseconds?

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It seems like such an arbitrary, ridiculous number.  300 milliseconds; it adds up to about 0.005 seconds, or roughly the amount of time it takes to blink the human eye.  Can’t accomplish much in that scant amount of time, right?  Unfortunately, as researched by Adobe’s Brad Reacher, digital marketers have only 300 milliseconds to make an impression on a visitor before that potential customer loses interest and navigates away.  That puts an enormous amount of pressure on marketers, who have to create a lasting, positive brand impression in a fleeting instant.  How can it be done?

As Direct Marketing News iterates, digital marketers need to listen to audiences, predict their needs, assemble their materials, and deliver the message.

Analytics and reporting are crucial to listening to digital customers.  Data – behavioral data, third party data, CRm data, and more – all help marketers tune in to who their audience is, and what that audience is saying.  This data allows you to make predictions on how to create and organize content that will make an instant impression on your audience.

Assembling that message should be nothing to new to digital marketers, or to readers of this blog; we’ve been talking about the importance of integrated, varied digital campaigns since the very beginning.  It makes sense not just from a content perspective, but from a purely logistical perspective as well.  If you only have 300 milliseconds with a potential customer before they leave one platform, you’ll want to have your message on as many platforms as possible to ensure that it really hits home.  Your listening and predictions will help you decide where to put the most emphasis on your message (is your blog a big lead generator? Does your client base like to interact with the company on Twitter?), but by using your other channels to support the message, you give yourself a chance to extend that 300 millisecond deadline.

Your consumer is perpetually connected to digital; however, they only have so much time for you.  Reach out to them online, and make the most out of your 300 milliseconds.  Can’t take the heat?  Let us help you; we thrive on listening, predicting, assembling, delivering, and measuring how all of these actions are helping you.  Check out our services page to see how we can get you the maximum results of your minimal time with consumers.