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2015 Article Roundup: The Best Writing from inSegment’s President

As we’ve spent this week reflecting on 2015 and inSegment’s accomplishments throughout the year, we recently learned of another notable accomplishment that was attained: not only did Alexander Kesler (our founder and president) have the most-read article from Search Engine Journal (one of the industry’s leading publications) for the month of August, but also he had one of the top 100 most shared guest posts of the entire year

This is a huge accomplishment and a major recognition of Alex’s expertise and prowess within the digital marketing sphere.

In case you missed them throughout the year, check out all eight articles Alex wrote for Search Engine Journal by clicking on the corresponding images below:

How Google’s Frequent Algorithm Updates Affect Paid Search

Google constantly rolls out changes to its search algorithm in an effort to provide users with the most useful results possible. As many as 500 minor changes surface each year, along with a dozen or so major updates to thwart spammers and anticipate the information users really want to find.

Going Beyond Google: A Comprehensive List of Search Engines

When people think of search engines, the first name that comes to mind is often Google. It’s one of the most enduring brand names, and it has even worked its way into mainstream vernacular, and today many people substitute the phrase “searched online” for “Googled”. Though prominent, Google is not the only search engine available. There are innumerable others that provide various interfaces, search algorithms, and other unique features.

10 Growth Hacking Concepts and Best Practices

When starting a business, it is pretty easy to become overwhelmed. The digital age of the Internet has changed the marketing landscape tenfold, and even longtime seasoned marketers are being forced to adapt to the new technological advances in order to remain competitive.

Nowadays, the key difference between a good startup and a great startup is whether or not the business has mastered a set of tactics called “growth hacking” — namely, strategies such as search engine optimization, social media integration, and more.

25 Quotes From Experts on the Science of Entrepreneurship

I have always been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and fascinated by the entrepreneurial ability to create value with limited resources. 

To guide future entrepreneurs to a promising future, I have compiled a list of timeless advice from business experts and writers through the ages. This advice covers five major entrepreneurial topics: Time management, communication, delegation, sales, and driving vision.

How Event Marketing Should Fit Into Your Online Marketing Strategy

When it comes to promoting products and services, organizing events offers opportunities for companies to effectively raise the level of public attention and generate interest around their brand. While the means by which companies have capitalized on such events differ, at inSegment we have discovered that integrating a strategic digital marketing campaign throughout each step of the planning process—before, during, and after—will result in the overall reduction of costs and a substantial increase in the marketing ROI of the event.

Predictions For The Future: Google’s Algorithm Updates

Everyone is talking about “Mobilegeddon,” the recent change Google made to its search algorithm, penalizing sites that do not provide a good experience for mobile users. However, there was another recent update, which passed largely unnoticed and accordingly received an even more fitting name – Phantom.

Why does it matter? You need to anticipate how Google search will evolve in the near future so you can plan and adjust accordingly.

What You Need to Know About Google’s Search Analytics Report

Recently, Google announced a new addition to its Webmaster Tools called the Search Analytics Report (SAR). After a few significant algorithm updates so far in 2015, this latest improvement is a breath of fresh air for SEO experts and digital marketers. 

The new tool gives back much of the information about search queries, impressions, and clicks that Google started hiding a few years ago. Before I show you how to use the new tool to segment your data and get a better understanding of your visitors, I would like to explore in more detail what improvements are introduced by the new report.

5 Essential Insights into Sustainable Link Building

At the core of search engine optimization (SEO) lies a fact that has been driving this field forward ever since the first websites hit the search engine results pages (SERPs): the main currency in digital is visibility.

All efforts made by SEO specialists are ultimately directed toward shining the brightest lights on their employers’ and clients’ websites. To put it bluntly, everybody wants to rank first in the SERPs that are most relevant to their industry.