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A great library of marketing assets is the driving force behind any excellent content marketing strategy. Prospects are now demanding the highest quality content to answer their questions and address their needs. In turn, organizations are increasingly pressed to generate insights-driven content that can appeal to different buyers throughout the buying cycle.

Content audit identifies the content opportunities that are being seized as well as missed across the buying cycle as well as targeted personas. Our team of analysts generate and tailor strategic content development programs that elevate client communications with prospects to the next level.

Maximized Influence: A review of a client’s marketing asset portfolio is performed that includes a detailed analysis of each type of content platform used. Metrics such as visits, time spent on site, and bounce rates inform how well a client’s site is performing and whether users make it through the next stage or drop off. Our auditing process maximizes content’s influence by determining which pages need prioritizing, copywriting, updates, consolidation, or to be removed altogether.

Improved Lead Nurturing: Conversion and engagement metrics are analyzed to identify the highest performing content in terms of leads, views and drop-offs. We then recommend an optimal content strategy, leading to improved lead nurturing results.  

Content Marketing Gap Opportunities: Content gap opportunities that drive content production and feed editorial calendars are identified. Our team determines the strongest pages that in turn, inform an improved content map.

In the sea of publishing mediums, a content audit can drive a content repurposing strategy, maximizing influence and ensuring the right audience access by syndicating content beyond the client website, and across online media partners, relevant sites and social networks.

We also evaluate third-party content endorsement for improved alignment. With customers now placing a higher trust in third-party endorsements than in brands themselves, building online credibility through such influencers is key to strengthening trust and increasing content reach.

SEO specialists identify the exact topics and keywords to increase natural reach and determine which pages are ranking for which words and overlay the goals of the content program with the SEO map.

As part of our content audit process, we also determine whether content is optimized for mobile viewing. As online content consumption continues to shift towards mobile viewing, we are committed to helping clients target prospects across platforms.

Competitive Content Audit: A similar audit for main competitors’ content portfolio is performed, examining the high value keywords that content ranks for, social media analytics and inbound links. As a result, clients are able to leverage industry best practices into their own content marketing platforms.

Our unique content audit process identifies the gaps in your current content strategy and leverages assets in order to reach prospects more effectively, both right now and in the future. Find out how inSegment can maximize your content’s influence and reach the right audience.

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