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Pay Only for Qualified Leads

Generate quality leads, who have downloaded your content and are in your target audience, with content syndication from inSegment. From start to finish, inSegment makes content syndication simple and easy. Our model takes your content, distributes it to your target audience in a contextually-relevant environment, verifies accuracy of the lead data, and gives you back quality leads consistently.

Get a quote and find out how much qualified leads will cost you in just minutes.


    Syndicate your Best Content for Cost-Effective Lead Generation

    According to industry studies, most B2B technology buyers evaluate whitepapers or case studies before speaking with a vendor. If your organization has quality assets (like whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, analyst reports, and more), you should be using those assets to reach your target audience.

    inSegment will disseminate your content among the buyers most likely to be interested in your organization’s products/services. Once live, you’ll start receiving regular lead information of all the prospects who downloaded your content, which you can then add to your marketing automation campaigns and share with your sales team.

    All we need is your content and targeting criteria. You’ll be receiving qualified leads in no time.


    Our Content Syndication Process

    inSegment’s process is simple and turn-key. We remove the hassle of managing multiple vendors, returning leads with bad information, and aggregating data from multiple sources. Our process is:

    DIGITAL ASSETS – client shares their best whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, analyst reports, etc. Need new assets? inSegment can create pieces.

    IDENTIFY TARGET AUDIENCE – client shares the criteria which constitutes a qualified lead (think job title, company size, geography, industry, or even custom questions).

    DETERMINE CPL – based on the size of the audience and the number of leads client is looking to generate, inSegment will determine a Cost Per Lead (CPL) for the campaign.

    CAMPAIGN IMPLEMENTATION – inSegment will finalize creative and generate leads through integrated digital campaigns. Leads are generated as prospects provide their information to download the asset.

    LEAD VERIFICATION – unlike many other providers, we have a large verification team on-staff. If you get bad data, send it back and you won’t pay!

    ONGOING MANAGEMENT & AUTOMATION – inSegment will either send weekly lead files or integrate directly with the client’s CRM. inSegment then optimizes campaigns toward sales-qualified leads and closed wins.


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