Online Lead Generation / Demand Generation Services

inSegment drives business results for our clients.  We leverage data-rich targeting technologies to identify your customers online, and lead them through the most efficient path to conversion.  Every cent spent on digital demand generation is tracked and reported, enabling us to continuously optimize each client’s programs to achieve the greatest possible ROI.

There is no “one size fits all” model for success.   Our clients have different needs, and the custom-tailored lead generation strategies we develop reflect this.  inSegment takes a holistic approach, recognizing that the consumer experiences many touch-points throughout the decision-making process.  We work closely with your team to deeply understand the mindset of your customer.

Content marketing and landing page creation are excellent contact points through which to encourage prospect engagement. By creating multiple custom landing pages that cater to different customer types and profiles, and offering valuable targeted content for conversions, inSegment positively inserts you into your customer’s decision-making process. Our conversion oriented landing pages are completely measurable, so you know exactly what is working. Landing page creation is just one way our Demand Generation team generates leads and conversions for our clients.

Our team includes experts in Search Engine OptimizationPaid SearchPerformance Display, Recapture, Mobile, Hyperlocal, and Social Media Marketing.  We will collaborate with you to design the most effective strategy for success, including both tactical and creative decisions.  As a full-service digital agency, we are equipped to be your dedicated Digital Marketing partner, providing end-to-end services.

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