Email Marketing

Few mediums enable you to speak directly to consumers as effectively as email marketing. As with most marketing tactics, emails generate the best response when they are part of a larger, integrated campaign. Our email campaigns are conversion-oriented, and aimed to drive qualified recipients to targeted destination URLs, such as landing pages or microsites.

We begin maximizing the effectiveness of your email campaign long before the first message is even written. We conduct thorough list management to ensure that our clients are only communicating with the most engaged and qualified customers. Once we have a clean recipient list to send to, we set about creating compelling email copy and appealing, conversion oriented email template designs. We repeatedly test campaigns for optimal performance. You can rest assured that your inSegment-driven email campaign is engineered to maximize results. 

Our involvement isn’t over once an email blast is sent. We continually analyze performance metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, and recipient feedback in order to measure the campaign’s overall success and to inform future email message strategy. We report back on results in the days following each blast, and provide clients with a clear picture of how their audience has been interacting with their campaign.

Learn more about how our conversion-oriented email marketing campaigns have generated quality leads for our clients by reading our case study:

Email Marketing Consultation

Please provide the following information to receive an email marketing consultation. We will analyze your email design and code as well as your subject line and other factors to assess whether or not your email marketing strategies are effective.

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