Reputation Management

It only takes one corporate misstep or bad review to change the way your audience perceives your brand. Due to the rapid-fire pace of social networking, the global perception of your company can change in an instant. You may not even be aware that your reputation has been damaged until it’s too late.

A company’s online reputation is just as complex as it is volatile. Pushing out positive brand messaging via social media can only do so much. In order to make a substantial, lasting impression on your audience you need to have a firm understanding of their behavior and environment. Where do prospective customers go to learn about your brand? Where are existing customers voicing their concerns about your products or services? Questions like these only scratch the surface.

At inSegment, we have the knowledge, experience, and perseverance to change minds and influence public opinion. Our multi-layered approach starts with a deep-dive into your audience and your competitive landscape. From there, we formulate a comprehensive strategy which utilizes our proven web marketing methods. We continually measure our progress and adjust our tactics to ensure that your goals are met.

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