Holistic, Digital Strategy for All Programs

inSegment begins every program with a deep analysis of strategy, crafting a plan based on the tactics and channels we know work best. We work closely with clients to understand their goals and challenges, then put together a digital plan to best achieve those goals. We make sure all the pieces work together so your campaign is greater than the sum of its parts.


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    Integrated Strategies for
    Whatever Your Goal May Be

    No two clients are the same. All organizations have different goals, objectives and challenges. Whether your goal is amplifying brand awareness, filling your pipeline with top of funnel leads, generating sales-ready demand, improving ROI, taking a new product to market, increasing sales through your website or all of the above, we can help!

    Naturally, different goals require different approaches. Through over ten years of experience in the digital marketing space, inSegment has identified the tactics that work best for each objective. We believe strongly that we are a part of our clients’ team. With an understanding of your challenges & objectives, and with our extensive knowledge of the digital space, we craft a long-term strategy for success with all of our clients.


    Investor relations

    The Journey to Building Investor Confidence Starts With Us

    A compelling business story is key to building investor confidence. inSegment has been helping elite corporate clientele hype their new market entries, increase valuations and gain access to new capital for over a decade and a half.

    Our experience in multiple vital areas guarantees that our process will boost investor awareness, hype new market entries, and deliver a solid long-term positive impact on stock prices.

    Past results? Our list of clients speaks for itself.

    ESG Score Improvement

    ESG behaviors and policies are put in high regard by investment firms across all industry sectors. ESG factors have an impact, positive or negative, on your company’s market value and play a crucial role in stakeholder activism campaigns. 

    We provide the correct methods and channels to raise your ESG score effectively and position your company in an attractive light for investors.

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    Proactive Reputation Management

    We proactively manage your public profile, our team of experts actively monitoring and advising you about any media and public sentiment that might surround it. We’re always on the lookout for potential events that might positively impact you, ready to craft the perfect messaging for your customers, employees, or regulators whenever the need arises.

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    Media Relations

    Our global network of journalists and editors encompasses all media outlets, from traditional to digital to broadcast media, recognizing us as a trustworthy source of timely information. Designed to support your unique objectives, our media relations programs are fully customizable and position you to play both the offense and defense.

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    Content Creation

    We deliver content with maximum impact. Our content creators will have in-depth calls with you to identify the relevant topics of interest to your key constituents, develop efficient content strategies that build your brand awareness, and demonstrate your thought leadership in the field.

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    Social Media Support

    We develop your content schedules and carefully tailor them for your audience. This is to ensure timely distribution and to properly advise you on how to elevate your online presence to your targeted audience through social media channels. A crucial aspect of our service is providing you with veracious feedback on when to be aggressive and when to pull back to ensure that your audience gets the most out of your social media presence.

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    Investor Relations

    Capital Markets are complex, global, unforgiving entities. We’ve successfully advised top investment management firms, as well as public companies, for decades. From earning announcements, investor presentations, non-deal roadshows, annual meetings, guidance, and perception studies, we ensure that your messages are always correctly reflected and resonate with your targeted audience.

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    LP Communications & Marketing Initiatives

    Global investors have become more and more avant-garde and skeptical than ever. You can rely on us to develop your critical investor communication and support content (including letters, evaluative talking points, and Q&As) to ensure you benefit from the best narration of initiatives.

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    Novel Firm Launches

    New firms have only one opportunity to make their first impression stand strong with their potential investors in the business world. Launching a new firm requires careful beforehand preparation, experience, and precise execution. Articulating the firm’s brand, mission, and differentiators at the outset is pivotal. With our unparalleled expertise in introducing new businesses to the market, we deliver a compelling story that reflects its founding vision and future goals.

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    Corporate Positioning

    We develop custom positioning strategies that easily distinguish your company from competitors and smartly resonate with all your key constituents. Our experts help you clearly define and articulate what you stand for and support your positioning strategy with all your key constituents, proof points, and successes.

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    Transaction/M&A Communications

    We develop tailored announcement strategies and provide integrated communications support to your company at all stages of mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, carve-outs, divestitures, or buyouts, including any friendly, hostile, or contested transactions. We also develop full transaction communication materials, including all press releases and communications to your shareholders, employees, customers, and regulators.

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    Crisis Communications & Special Situations

    Our creed is helping clients take control and manage situations’ potential consequences and risks. We are tried and tested in cybersecurity breaches, product liability, employee litigation, and executive dismissals, with experience across various crises and disruptive events.

    Please get to know us better and connect your business with the right customers.

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    Our Methodology

    inSegment’s process leverages what we do best: full-funnel digital marketing. Based on your goals, inSegment’s strategy may include a combination of the following tactics:

    No two digital marketing strategies are the same. Every program starts with a full strategic audit and creation of a new plan to accomplish your goals.
    If you are unsure about your organization’s digital strategy, please request an audit



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