Video Production

Video is a powerful marketing tool; it combines words, sounds and images to create an audiovisual experience like no other. Video can make your company more credible, authentic, and ultimately, more human. This can be a critical decision driver for customers looking to make an investment in your company.

Through video content, you can introduce your organization and its products to your potential customers on a personal level. Instead of using static text to describe your company’s successes, you can show your audience your message and discuss it in a real, engaging way. Video also serves as a tool to give your audience an idea of how your products impact your existing customers and their bottom line.

Why choose inSegment for video production? Well, for one thing, we approach the video production process with the same data-driven mindset as our other services. We carefully craft resonant video concepts, scripts, and storyboards, and then use our high quality equipment to shoot in-house or on location.

inSegment uses only the current industry-standard video production software to edit and publish professionally crafted video content at high resolutions and optimal sound fidelity. These videos can be optimized for all devices and channels, allowing for maximum reach across multiple platforms.

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