Creative Ways Events Can Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence

Creative Ways Events Can Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence

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social media marketingBusinesses are always looking for new and creative ways to increase awareness of their product through social media outlets, which have become the new hit tactic in internet marketing. Back in 2011, Activision, the video game giant, drew over 10,000 people to an event they threw promoting their new Call of Duty game. This event took place in two large warehouses with over 1,000 Xboxes for gamers to play. Kanye West also made an appearance, making this event a huge success for Activision and their new product. Their page views grew a staggering 675% due to this event. While most companies, especially small businesses, cannot afford this type of enormously successful marketing event, there are techniques that any company can use to boost its online presence.

When planning your next event, which could mean appearing at a trade show, or something much more creative, the use of a photo booth should be high on your list. While this may seem extravagant or pointless, allowing visitors to snap photos of themselves and instantly send these photos to a social networking site gives your brand free advertising. Whether it’s your logo in the background or a model holding a promo, it instantly reaches people outside the event on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels.


Using social media to host a scavenger hunt is another creative way that combines the online and offline world and can increase your brand’s online presence. You can host a town-wide or city-wide scavenger hunt using Facebook and/or Twitter to post clues about where the items are hidden. This allows people to directly interact with your page and product. There should obviously be prizes included to encourage people to participate in the event. These prizes should be something that leaves a favorable impression of your product or brand in the participant’s mind.


Another creative way of increasing your brand’s online recognition is to live stream events that your company is throwing. This could be anything from a concert to a brainstorming session. As long as you’re providing your audience with something valuable and interesting, they’re likely to want to share the video during or after your event. Coca-Cola streamed a live concert for their 125th anniversary and 355,000 people tuned in.


All of these creative ideas are ways to possibly extend awareness of your product or service well beyond a specific event. When a customer sees your brand at a trade show, you want them to remember you and continue to interact with you beyond that day. Social media provides companies with this opportunity. Brand awareness is all about creating a relationship with a customer, and events are a great way to continue the relationship through social media and in person.