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    Having a fast, fully-functional website is no longer an option, it’s a must for any business. The award-winning inSegment web development agency builds and maintains websites that are able to scale as you grow. 

    We take advantage of the wealth of industry knowledge and experience held amongst team members to plan, build, and sustain web development projects, while also offering hosting, cyber security, and support including ADA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance, site speed optimization, and 3rd-party integrations. Our web developers are fluent in HTML, CSS3, SASS, LESS, BOOTSTRAP, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal,  and other programming languages or frameworks, and even more, they understand search engine optimization (SEO), tracking, user experience (UX), and the importance of responsive design. Put your web development needs in the hands of inSegment to ensure your users enjoy a seamless experience on your website.


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    Website Design & Development
    Landing Pages
    Site Speed
    Web Development
    Website Design & Development

    Our designers and developers deliver visually stunning, custom-tailored, fully-integrated websites for our partners. Our extensive knowledge lets us guarantee fast, functional websites that we know our partners need to succeed. After setting goals together, we apply our collective engineer’s mindset to testing and retesting the site until it reaches peak performance and is ready for launch. Throughout our partnership, we analyze and optimize the site, constantly checking for improvements to make the design more responsive, or to make the user experience (UX) more pleasant. We maintain high levels of analysis and optimization, ensuring the website performs to the highest standard throughout its life.

    Web Development
    Landing Page Development

    Working together with our design and digital marketing departments, our dev team employs an efficient website development process that lets us build beautiful, easy-to-use, professional landing pages, and load them with specific, high-quality content, to deliver web pages that drive customers to action, all in a tone that is in line with your brand and your audience’s expectations. Our LPs help businesses improve conversion rates from paid and social ad campaigns, email marketing, and other marketing initiatives.

    Web Development
    Site Speed Optimization

    Fast site loading times are key to a positive user experience, but also a Google ranking factor. Our website speed optimization services create agile web experiences that work on any browser or device, with the goal of driving more website traffic, leads, or purchases. Our devs identify and treat issues that weigh against your site’s speed, from large images, unused code, missing compressions, buggy plugins, and more. Partner with inSegment, a web development agency, for faster results.

    Web Development
    Web Maintenance, Security & Support

    Building the best websites on the market is imperative, but maintaining them is just as important. That’s why we guarantee regular updates on site improvements and product and service updates, as well as fine-tuning your website to ensure interactivity remains optimized. All of our websites are ADA, and GDPR-compliant, and our partners in California can count on our CCPA and CPRA compliance too.

    Web Development
    3rd-Party Integrations

    Keeping customers on your site means recognizing the never-ending evolution of web development, and knowing that your customers expect you to keep up. inSegment’s use of 3rd-party integrations lets us promise your users a sense of familiarity and ease by integrating some of the most popular external apps, keeping them on your site, and driving them to conversion.

    Web Development
    Web Hosting

    inSegment hosts in the US on a dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) SOC2 accredited infrastructure relying upon two dedicated servers for our websites. We understand the tools that work well with different content management systems and stay away from anything that leaves your site susceptible to spam and DDoS attacks by performing constant security updates and audits. With dedicated SSL management services and CDN traffic delivered through Cloudflare for an improved load time, inSegment is committed to offering 99.9% uptime and support 24/7 through our experienced DevOps engineers.

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      Our meticulous approach, and extensive experience, helps your websites thrive, regardless of your niche industry.

      Online advertising services for B2B & technology businesses

      B2B & Tech

      Creating customized, responsive websites for your business is best left to the professionals, and with inSegment as a partner, you gain access to the leading developers and top-of-the-range design and dev resources available today. Build brand credibility and consistency for your business, from the day we set our shared goals for your website, until the day we launch your new customer-focused site. Our precise, frequent analysis means your new site will remain optimized throughout our relationship, ensuring a steady flow of new and returning potential customers for your business.

      Online marketing services for financial & corporate websites

      Financial Services

      Customers are a key focal point in our web dev efforts for our partners in financial services. We build, design, and optimize outstanding websites for financial institutions while guaranteeing top security. Simplicity, responsiveness, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness all contribute to our web dev procedure for financial institutions. Even more, we are well versed in persona-based customizations, 3rd-party loan vendor integrations, appointment-scheduling apps, and online chatbots.

      Digital marketing strategies for retail & ecommerce websites

      Retail & eCommerce

      Our full-scale web design and dev procedure includes crafting and launching highly-customized sites for online stores that offer users an elite experience through 3rd-party integrations, unrivaled responsiveness, regular monitoring and optimizing, and in-house hosting. Constant collaboration between individually excellent teams at inSegment means our SEO team can set you up to continuously rank high in search results, while our design and dev teams create eye-catching websites, perfectly designed to keep customers on your site, and boost your sales, and overall ROI.

      Digital advertising for higher education websites

      Higher Education

      Our data-driven method means we know exactly what prospective students are looking for during the application process. The customizable websites we build for our partners in higher education are forward-compatible to ensure they continue to exceed students’ expectations well into the future. The flexibility we offer in design and functionality reflects the wide, varied nature of a higher education institution’s target audience. Our unparalleled experience and understanding mean you will perform better in search results, and we can nurture these important relationships from the very beginning.

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      We asked inSegment to create for us a new website and as part of that new project, they helped us create a new content structure and an up-to-date website and implement an SEO program.

      Lynne Brum
      VP of Marketing & Communication, Yield10 Bioscience
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      We love the look of our new website. Absolutely love it. We get a lot of compliments on it and it’s very functional, very easy to navigate, and definitely easy for me to manage.

      Kenneth Simms
      Avidia Bank
      Client testimonial video placeholder