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    Trade and labor unions face unique challenges including political pressures, member retention, and advocacy for workers’ rights. Our team at inSegment specializes in navigating these complexities, providing comprehensive strategies to elevate your union’s presence and influence. Our proven marketing strategies are designed to increase your membership, enhance member engagement, and amplify your union’s voice. We create engaging content tailored to your audience, manage social media platforms to boost engagement and develop optimized websites that improve user experience. Our SEO strategies improve your visibility in search results, driving more traffic to your site.

    inSegment supports unions in forging new partnerships, navigating the complex industry landscape, and establishing connections with companies, signatories, and other key stakeholders. Through robust outreach campaigns, advocacy, and strategic communication, we help your union grow its network, influence policy, and drive member engagement.

    Our proven track record shows our ability to help unions grow their membership, increase engagement, and successfully advocate for their causes. Let us help you maximize your union’s impact and achieve sustained growth and success.

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    Labor & Trade Unions Digital Services
    Attract & Engage New Members

    With extensive experience in trade and labor unions, we deliver the right leads for your organization. Our strategy combines SEO-driven content, paid advertising, social media, and email campaigns to attract and engage potential members. By optimizing content for organic traffic and targeting potential members through multiple digital channels, we ensure your union reaches and resonates with individuals who are likely to join and actively participate. This not only attracts new members but fosters ongoing engagement between your union and its members.

    Labor & Trade Unions Digital Services
    Elevate Your Union's Presence

    We understand the importance of a strong, recognizable brand for your union and our comprehensive digital strategies focus on building modern, user-friendly websites and populating these sites with content that will engage union members and prospective partners. We design professional websites that effectively communicate your union’s mission and services, and our tailored website and landing page content highlight your union’s values and achievements, ensuring consistent and impactful branding across all digital platforms.

    Labor & Trade Unions Digital Services
    Maximize Your Impact

    We craft all-encompassing tactics that boost your union’s visibility across the board. By nurturing new partnerships with relevant companies, signatories, and stakeholders we get your union access to large new audiences. From there, our effective outreach campaigns and strategic communications help your union expand its network, shape industry policy, and boost member engagement resulting in long-term growth.

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    inSegment has provided a multitude of services for NEIEP – from SEO at the very beginning of our relationship, to the public relations services end of things, to website development, and everything in between. inSegment has really assisted NEIEP in a big way.

    David Morgan
    Executive Director, NEIEP
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    We are proud to work with unions who change the rules of the game