Intern Management Superstar: 3 Ways to Create a Great Digital Marketing Internship

Intern Management Superstar: 3 Ways to Create a Great Digital Marketing Internship

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Internships are fantastic ways for students to gain an in-depth knowledge about an industry through hands-on experience. However, in a technical field such as digital marketing and advertising, it can be difficult for a manager to create and assign appropriate tasks for an intern – you certainly don’t want to turn over the keys to client accounts to a beginner, but you want to give your intern meaningful responsibilities and tasks, not to mention work that will help you accomplish your goals. While marketing sounds like a tough field for a student to contribute to directly, there are several tasks that will teach them fundamentals and technical skills while still lightening your own load, including these below.

1. Resource Aggregation:

Staying up-to-date with latest industry news, trends, best practices, and case studies is essential in a field as fast-paced as digital marketing. However, it’s nearly impossible for professionals to keep up with their research and reading when they have so many actual responsibilities. However, your intern can be an invaluable help to you. Ask your intern to spend an hour or two every day poring through industry news sites and discussion forums, and bookmark the top three or five for you to review. Asude from helping you out, you’ll also be giving your intern the opportunity to immerse themselves in the industry, which will help them when they enter the job search.

2. Content Audits:

Content marketing is an increasingly important facet of search marketing; valuable content types are great tools for elevating search result visibility for a brand, and to establish thought leadership. In order to create a content strategy, marketers need to run content audits: establish what content the brand has already created and how it can be used, as well as where there are gaps and how those gaps can be filled. Content audits are a fantastic way for interns to learn about content marketing, and to see how this particular element fits into the bigger digital marketing strategy for the brand. Content audits help interns learn about content marketing and cross-channel marketing.

3. Web Analytics

Analytics are an essential part of web marketing – everything from PPC to web design requires data collection and analysis. Web analytics often requires custom profiles or reports to be set up and monitored; these are great opportunities for interns to learn about this crucial element of digital marketing, which will put them a step ahead of their peers in the job search.


What other tasks would you give your digital marketing intern? Tell us in the comments, and check out our interns’ contributions to this blog!