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Take Employer Branding to the Next Step with Instagram and Pinterest

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LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. We’ve all heard and seen companies use these social media sites to build their brand and make an impression on potential employees. But there are other faces in the game: Instagram and Pinterest. These are not just fun applications used amongst friends; more and more companies are using them to show their massive audience of users how great it is to work for them, and what unique opportunities they can offer you as an employer.


Realistically, we have all used Instagram as a personal bragging tool. Whether it is a picture from an exotic trip we went on, or a delicious meal we had, we’re all guilty of showing off. Companies are no different. They use this social media application to show off their products, and to appeal to both potential customers and would-be employees. It’s an inexpensive, simple, and effective way to build your brand. The addition of videos on Instagram gives companies the opportunity to show off their work environment to potential employees in an even more dynamic way. Companies can create accounts and post pictures and videos with specific hashtags in their captions to generate the desired buzz.


When most people think of uses for Pinterest, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t “job searching”. But maybe it should be. More and more companies are creating public boards to showcase job opportunities and positively display their employee and company brand. Utilizing Pinterest for this purpose is slightly more complicated than Instagram because of the platform’s features. When creating a job board on Pinterest, focus on keywords and links to your job postings and company pages. To learn more about Pinterest-specific details to focus on, this article explains boards and pin-a-thons.

Companies Doing It Right:

  1. Starbucks– In addition to their highly popular main Instagram account of over 1 million followers, featuring unique pictures of their products in different locations, Starbucks uses an additional Instagram account for employees and potential employees. The Starbucks Jobs account dedicates its posts solely to recruiting by showcasing their employer brand. Recruiters for the company encourage discussion about employee experience through posts of photos and videos of their products and store locations. Who wouldn’t want to apply for a job with them after seeing how well they treat their interns?
  2. General Electric– They appear on just about every social media platform, including Instagram and Pinterest.  Like most companies on Pinterest, GE has multiple boards promoting not only their products, but showcasing the unique opportunities they can offer employees, and features personal experiences from current employees.  Aside from these more professional boards, the company has multiple boards that display the good nature and humor of their employees, such as its “Hey Girl” board.  This is a spin off of a popular meme featuring actor Ryan Gosling.  The GE version features different products and electricity puns, such as this:

After seeing this and the other quirky boards on the GE profile, it is unlikely that potential employees will still question whether the environment they would be joining at General Electric isn’t lighthearted and creative.

Creating an appealing brand to potential employees is essential to building a successful company. Companies recognize this, and use social media platforms as a method. They allow businesses to publicly and creatively communicate with a large audience, minimizing the chance for a missed opportunity. At inSegment, we understand social media and the many other creative ways to build your company brand. For ideas and more information, visit our creative and branding page.