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Metabolix (now Yield10 Bioscience) is an innovative bioscience company providing groundbreaking solutions in sustainable and biodegradable products. Metabolix’s products fall into three categories: biopolymers, biobased chemicals and crop-based technologies.


When Metabolix was planning to release their newest biopolymer product B5008, the alternatives to single-use plastic bags have seen a steep increase in demand as bag bans are becoming more widespread in Europe, Canada and the U.S. Metabolix wanted to gain online visibility for their company as a whole while sparking interest in their newest product line.

Metabolix approached inSegment for the redesign and development of their site. Metabolix wanted their website to accurately reflect their landmark work in the biotechnology sphere and highlight their award-winning products and research. Metabolix also wanted their website to function as an effective lead generation tool which meant expanding their online presence through an integrated SEO program.


inSegment’s first step was to conduct an in-depth due diligence and discovery process in order to gain an understanding of Metabolix’s audience, products and competitive landscape. When generating leads and traffic, inSegment had to be very mindful of the fact that Metabolix was focused on capturing the attention of its two audiences in particular: converters and brand owners. inSegment understood that the website needed to be robust while still being easily editable from the back-end, and in the end, the flexible Drupal Platform was chosen for the new Metabolix site.


When creating the Information Architecture for the site, inSegment constructed conversion paths tailored to the two market segments of converters and brand owners. In the biotechnology industry data is the key selling point, therefore, performance metrics and product downloads needed to be easily accessible throughout the site. inSegment had to balance the abundance of technical statistics and product assets with the sleek, clean aesthetic that Metabolix was looking for.

Assets and product selling points were highlighted at critical points along the visitor path without sacrificing the modern, above-the-fold design. The result was a beautiful, modern website, that was rich in information, drove conversions, and was easy to navigate and maintain.