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New York Life is a Fortune 100 Company that has provided a variety of life insurance products and services to their clients for over 150 years. In an effort to nurture relashionships with clients and potential clients with children with special needs, New York Life partnered with a number of non-profit organizations. New York Life has been presenting a series of webinars on investment and insurance options for children with disabilities. These webinars also provided a warm lead pipeline for a targeted New York Life product.


New York Life was in need of a digital marketing system that would enable them to nurture underutilized organizational and individual parent leads from the beginning of each engagement in order to convert them into prospective clients over time. This was especially crucial for those potential clients who did not immediately convert as a result of the webinar sessions. inSegment was created to create this integrated marketing and lead nurturing system.


inSegment developed an integrated email marketing strategy designed to personalize the web experience for each partner organization, capture lead data of constituents and provide multiple opportunities for immediate and delayed conversion. In addition to the email campaign, inSegment designed a series of microsites that were customized for each organization that partnered with New York Life. Traffic was monitored and driven from the email to the corresponding microsite.

Email marketing
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Lead generation


The email marketing strategy enhanced the aesthetic presentation of the pilot program, as well as its long-term efficacy. By integrating conversion points into the email, inSegment was able to capture the interest and data of more users. The customized microsites for each partner organization created a more engaging and enduring experience for prospects that would outlive the initial webinar event itself, and continue to produce leads over time.