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See how we increased Kaspersky's number of sales-qualified leads sevenfold

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700% Qualified Leads -50% SQL Cost


Kaspersky Lab is a fast growing global security software powerhouse, developing and distributing its own award-winning security solutions. Kaspersky Lab employs more than 2,800 people in over 30 countries.


Kaspersky Lab partnered with inSegment to develop and launch its first centralized international, business-to-business, Pay per Click lead generation campaign. As the program grew more than 100% annually, Kaspersky Lab tasked inSegment to further increase lead generation through content syndication and additional targeted marketing campaigns.


inSegment built a content marketing program for Kaspersky Lab, through which Kaspersky’s digital assets are being distributed to qualified prospects who are actively looking for these resources. The team combined the syndication strategy with paid search, display, and retargeting campaigns.

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Due to inSegment’s content marketing strategy, Kaspersky Lab now benefits from a large lead volume, which constitutes over 90% of the company’s leads. After the first year of collaboration, the team at inSegment had delivered seven times as many sales-qualified leads to Kaspersky Lab as they have received prior to working with us. The cost per sales-qualified lead had also decreased by more than half.

700% Qualified Leads -50% SQL Cost