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Learn how we increased Harvard Card's traffic by 200%

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200% Overall Traffic 130% Email Traffic 120% New Visits


The Harvard University Employees Credit Union and the Harvard Alumni Association are two of the bodies that offer incentives and benefits to employees and graduates of one of the nation’s great Ivy League universities, Harvard. These entities wanted to come together to offer employees and former students of Harvard beneficial financial services through the new Harvard Alumni Credit Card.


In order to launch the new Harvard Alumni Credit Card, inSegment was enlisted to take charge of promoting and digitally branding the product, as well as launching a modern, sophisticated website. The new website needed to be functional across various devices and offer a more up-to-date visual experience for the user. Making sure that word would spread about the new card also required inSegment’s expertise in digital marketing.


inSegment instantly got to work on an easy-to-build yet modern and sleek-looking website, keeping in tune with the client’s brand. By bringing the website into the 21st century, inSegment hoped to ensure that, once there, users would want to spend more time on the site. In addition, inSegment focused on data-tracking and page load times and put a quarterly email marketing campaign in place. The plan was that these strategic decisions should work hand-in-hand with the website development to drive vast numbers of new and returning users to the website.

Web development
Web design
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Email marketing


inSegment’s diverse range of marketing tactics yielded instant results. Not only was the focus on page load times able to ensure quick navigation through pages, but the new responsive design of the website also works across all devices. Over the first 8 months, since the site launched, monthly website traffic increased by 200%. The email marketing campaign also bore instant fruit, increasing open rates to a staggering 25%, compared to the 15% industry standard. Visits to the Harvard Alumni Credit Card website increased by 12% and the bounce rate dropped by 10%. As if this wasn’t enough, to top it all off, the Harvard Alumni Credit Card website also saw a 13% boost in new visitors, underlining the appeal and effectiveness of the marketing tactics used by inSegment.

200% Overall Traffic 130% Email Traffic 120% New Visits