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Cumberland Farms is a premier retail convenience and gasoline vendor with locations throughout the Northeast and Florida. Cumberland Farms opened the first convenience store in the Northeast more than 50 years ago, and has since grown to more than 600 stores in 11 states.


Cumberland Farms had grown so large that many search engines and digital map applications failed to reflect the true number and location of gas stations and convenience stores. Additionally, GPS manufacturers had failed to include a majority of the 600 locations within their databases, making it difficult for new customers to find branch locations.


To ensure each search engine mirrored the total presence of the Cumberland Farms brand, inSegment created an accurate list of stores, their service features, and their locations. The team compiled GPS coordinates and other critical geographic information, then worked with Google, Bing, FourSquare, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, and other local search providers and GPS manufacturers to populate their respective databases with the correct information.

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All Cumberland Farms’ stores have been catalogued and listed appropriately, enabling customers to connect with the brand as easily as possible. Thanks to these efforts, customers can use any major search engine to pinpoint nearby Cumberland Farms. Also, by working with every major GPS manufacturer, these customers can navigate seamlessly to the stores.