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547% Facebook Page Visits 148% LinkedIn Followers 200% YouTube Subscribers


ElevatorInfo is an information hub created and managed by The Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund (EIWPF) to cater to the increasing demand for assistance among Elevator Contractors, Elevator Technicians, and individuals seeking the services of an Elevator Contractor.


To expand its online presence and position itself as the top source for news and information in the Elevator Industry, ElevatorInfo sought the assistance of inSegment. ElevatorInfo needed help growing an audience and converting leads, as well as managing their social media accounts. Additionally, inSegment provided support with website development and search engine optimization, content creation and distribution, and the creation of printed materials.


To assist ElevatorInfo in achieving its objectives, inSegment developed a thorough digital marketing plan that concentrated on the creation of content, landing pages, and visual elements across various platforms such as the web, print, and social media. Geo-targeted email campaigns have been used to generate leads and foster a community, specifically targeting individuals within the industry, relevant stakeholders, and other passionate elevator enthusiasts.

The content division of inSegment collaborated with industry experts in the elevator field to create educational and informative blog and news articles, focusing on various topics within the vertical conveyance industry. In addition, inSegment revamped the social media presence of ElevatorInfo on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The graphic design team at inSegment created several informational printed materials, which were shared with ElevatorInfo’s online audience and at various community events. Additionally, inSegment assisted ElevatorInfo by developing, improving, and optimizing multiple new web landing pages, as well as updating existing ones.


The extensive online campaign by inSegment aimed to position ElevatorInfo as the go-to source for elevator industry information in North America. To date, ElevatorInfo has experienced a significant rise, as well as a notable surge in website visitors and social media interaction – the interest in the work done by ElevatorInfo has reached unprecedented heights.

547% Facebook Page Visits 148% LinkedIn Followers 200% YouTube Subscribers