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    We capitalize on our experience and knowledge, using the latest technologies to optimize your company’s sponsored search ads, landing pages, and overall website design to increase the likelihood that a prospect will be driven toward conversion. 

    Conversion-optimized websites, ads, and content help marketing budgets go further by improving overall performance. Our expertise in optimizing landing pages, UX, and content, as well as our use of A/B testing, helps our partners make the best business decisions on a micro and macro level. 


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    UX Optimization
    LP Optimization
    Content Optimization
    A/B Testing
    Conversion Rate Optimization
    User Experience Optimization

    User experience (UX) is critical for the success of your website or digital platform. A positive user experience helps increase engagement, improves retention rates, and drives conversions. At inSegment, we offer User Experience Optimization services that can help you create a seamless and enjoyable digital experience for your users. We implement intuitive designs that make the customer’s journey straightforward and satisfying.

    Conversion Rate Optimization
    Landing Page Optimization

    Your landing page is the first impression potential customers have of your brand. If your landing page fails to capture their attention, you risk losing them forever. Using a data-driven approach, inSegment designs and optimizes landing pages that capture leads and generate sales with maximum results. Our team of designers and marketers work together to create landing pages that are visually appealing and engaging, have clear messaging and calls to action, are optimized for SEO and mobile devices,  and are tested and refined for maximum performance.

    Conversion Rate Optimization
    Content Optimization

    Great content is essential for attracting and engaging your target audience. However, creating content is not enough; it must also be optimized to drive traffic, generate leads, and improve your search engine ranking. At inSegment, we offer Content Optimization services to help you create content that resonates with your audience and drives results. We optimize title tags, meta descriptions, lead magnets, copy, and messaging. inSegment uses a holistic approach, which includes extensive keyword research to identify the right keywords to target and incorporate into your content and ongoing analysis of your content’s performance to optimize your content strategy continually.

    Conversion Rate Optimization
    A/B Testing

    Maximizing your website’s conversion rate is crucial to driving revenue and growing your business. A/B testing is a proven method for identifying the most effective design and messaging to drive conversions. inSegment offers CRO A/B Testing services to help you identify the best-performing variations of your website and landing pages. These services include test strategy development, implementation, data analysis, and iterative testing to identify the highest-converting design and messaging variations. 

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      Leverage our CRO Services

      Our expertise in optimizing landing pages, UX, and content, as well as our use of A/B testing, helps our partners make the best business decisions on a micro and macro level.

      Online advertising services for B2B & technology businesses

      B2B & Tech

      For our B2B and tech partners, inSegment’s CRO services have helped improve conversion rates by creating user experiences that are simple, seamless, and intuitive. By optimizing landing pages and testing marketing strategies, we’ve helped our B2B and Tech clients generate more leads and sales.

      Online marketing services for financial & corporate websites

      Financial services

      inSegment has helped its partners in financial services to increase conversion rates by optimizing landing pages and lead magnets, and conducting A/B testing to select the best marketing approach. With our focus on understanding clients’ audiences and personas, we maximize traffic conversion rates.

      Digital marketing strategies for retail & ecommerce websites

      Retail & eCommerce

      Our partners in retail and eCommerce rely on our CRO services to provide users with optimized landing pages, optimized content, and an optimized user experience. We run tests on different iterations to guarantee our partners see an increase in online sales, and a boost to their returns.

      Digital advertising for higher education websites

      Higher education

      We have created a wider range of supporting assets and conversion types to meet the unique needs of the higher education industry. By leveraging our experience and A/B testing, we help our Higher Education partners maximize website traffic conversion rates.

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      inSegment is stellar. There has been a significant increase in site traffic and conversion rates since the project began.

      Gary Mullen
      VP, Corporate Marketing, North America, Kaspersky Labs
      Client testimonial video placeholder

      Our experience working with inSegment has been great. They’ve increased conversions, increased our overall organic traffic, as well as optimized our paid search.

      Marcel Maillet
      Director of Marketing & Assistant VP, Rentex
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