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    Your brand’s identity is the core of its existence. Our process entails gaining an in-depth assessment of your company’s history, purpose, vision, mission, personality, and tone of voice, to accurately portray it in powerful visuals and messaging. 

    Our unique method involves collaborative in-depth interviews with your company’s key stakeholders to clearly define your business goals, followed by extensive target audience research and intrinsic competitor analysis. Powerful branding leads to more public trust, increased credibility in your products and services, and better market share. inSegment understands your company’s personality and delivers the powerful visuals and copy that it needs to cement its name in the minds of your customers and differentiate you from your competitors.


    Explore Our Branding Process

    Discovery Call
    Asset Creation
    Audience Research
    Competitor Analysis
    Stellar Launch
    Initial Discovery Call

    Before our initial discovery call, our expert team extensively researches your industry, target audience, competitors, and market trends. This deep dive allows us to enter the discussion with a thorough understanding of your business landscape, setting the stage for an insightful and productive conversation. We then meet your company’s team and key stakeholders, build rapport, and discuss your goals and strategies for achieving them.

    Key Stakeholder Interviews

    In a branding project, conducting key stakeholder interviews is a crucial step toward understanding the intricacies of your brand. These interviews allow us to gather valuable insights directly from individuals with a deep connection and influence within your organization. Our content and design teams will interview each of your key stakeholders for an accurate assessment of your brand’s history, purpose, vision, mission, personality, and tone of voice.

    Digital Asset Creation

    Following the key stakeholder interviews and the insights gathered from them, the next step in the process of creating branding digital assets is the development of your company’s branding guidelines and the creation of all the required digital assets. This step involves close collaboration between our design and content teams to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand identity across various platforms.

    Target Audience Research

    Audience research plays a pivotal role in a branding project as it provides valuable insights into the target audience’s demographics, psychographics, behaviors, pain points, and preferences. By understanding the audience on a deeper level, we help brands create a tailored brand strategy that resonates and connects with their target market. Our audience research helps shape brand messaging, design visual identity, and develop a unique positioning that speaks directly to the audience’s needs and desires.

    Competitor Analysis

    Competitor analysis is crucial in understanding the competitive landscape, identifying gaps and unexplored areas, and shaping a brand strategy that stands out from the crowd. By studying their branding strategies, target audience, messaging, and visual identity, we help brands identify opportunities to differentiate themselves and create a unique selling proposition. By leveraging this knowledge, brands can effectively position themselves, refine their messaging, and create a distinct brand identity that resonates with their target audience, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in the market.

    A Stellar Launch

    An effective branding launch is a well-coordinated and impactful introduction of your brand to the market. This launch goes beyond simply unveiling a new logo or website; it will encompass a comprehensive and integrated approach that captures the essence of your brand and engages your target audience. This includes elements such as consistent messaging across various channels, captivating visuals, targeted advertising campaigns, public relations efforts, and engaging social media strategies.

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      Leverage our Branding Services

      Our strategy provides a detailed understanding of your company, immersing ourselves in your company’s history, goals, and values from the very beginning of our partnership.

      Online advertising services for B2B & technology businesses

      B2B & Tech

      At inSegment, we assist our B2B and tech partners with branding services that serve as the foundation for all of their marketing efforts, crafting a consistent and recognizable brand image. The branding guidelines and digital assets created by InSegment effectively introduce products/services to target audiences and correctly position your company in the marketplace.

      Online marketing services for financial & corporate websites

      Financial Services

      We are dedicated to helping our Financial Services partners build a strong and recognizable brand. Our team works to create digital assets that will serve as the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Our assets are designed to effectively introduce financial products and services to target audiences and convey your financial institution in a unique image.

      Digital marketing strategies for retail & ecommerce websites

      Retail & eCommerce

      At inSegment, we help our retail and eCommerce clients build a strong and distinctive brand. We create branding guidelines and digital assets that lay the first bricks for all marketing endeavors. Our efforts aim to effectively showcase your products and services to your target audience and position your business in the marketplace with an immediately recognizable image.

      Digital advertising for higher education websites

      Higher Education

      We support higher education institutions in building a powerful brand identity. Our team of experts develops brand books and digital assets that provide a foundation for all marketing efforts. Our goal is to effectively communicate the value of your services to your target audience and establish a strong and memorable image for any prospective students looking to enroll.

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      Part of this new product launch involves broad email campaigns, and inSegment helped us to develop those campaigns and helped to tie in our branding.

      William Bauser
      Marketing Manager, Harvard University Employees Credit Union
      Client testimonial video placeholder

      inSegment’s all-hands-on-deck approach has brought new thinking — new thinking about the strategy for our digital presence (website redesign, SEO) and, most importantly, how to position our brand to be relevant across multiple touchpoints, both on and offline.

      Abaigeal G. Dodd
      Marketing Director, RTD Logistics
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