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    The team at inSegment understands that quality landing pages, relevant ad content, and key analytics all play a vital role in crafting and running a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. We are always focused on continuously increasing traffic and reducing the cost of this traffic throughout any campaign.

    We identify the most relevant keywords for the campaign, we set bids and budgets, and we then design and create visually stunning landing pages and high-quality ads for your products and services. We provide expert analysis and advice at each stage of the campaign, managing the campaign, adjusting bids, keywords, and content, and we track conversions to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Trust inSegment and see better returns on your next PPC campaign.


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    LP Development
    Management & Tracking
    PPC Campaigns

    The first step we take is to conduct comprehensive research into your competitors, your target audiences, and keywords. We target only the most relevant keywords for your paid search campaigns, analyzing user search behaviors, intent, and volumes. We expand our efforts by pinpointing valuable competitor keywords we wish to begin targeting, and identifying negative keywords that we will exclude as irrelevant. We then use this data to craft optimized copy for the visually striking display ads, search ads, shopping ads, video ads, and more that we will run during the campaign.

    PPC Campaigns
    A/B Testing

    Having identified the intent, interests, and behaviors of the target audiences, we produce a selection of ads, composed of text, images, and animated ads. We then carefully run A/B testing to ensure each element of the content is optimized, ensuring that we always speak to audience members in a manner that will lead them toward conversion, including strong calls-to-action (CTA). We tweak the ads where necessary, taking advantage of any opportunities our continued analysis and reporting have helped us identify, delivering higher returns and an increased level of customer satisfaction.

    PPC Campaigns
    Landing Page Development

    Our talented website design and development teams utilize the latest technology to build beautiful landing pages (LP) for your products and services. These LPs are designed based on the information our PPC and SEO teams uncovered about the market and the users. Customer behaviors directly inform the design and functionality of the LPs, creating a seamless user experience, increasing the likelihood of conversion and generating a positive impact on brand awareness.

    PPC Campaigns
    Campaign Management & Tracking

    We manage all aspects of the PPC campaign, monitoring budgets, keywords, and ad content so that we can adjust and optimize each of these important elements when we need to. We set up conversion tracking in Google Ads and other PPC platforms to monitor conversions on your website, calculating the success of the campaign. We compile the information gathered into reports that we share regularly with partners, allowing them to make more informed business decisions.

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    We had inSegment create a wide range of digital campaigns, including all of our search engine optimization, our display advertising, [and] pay-per-click advertising.

    Mark Gibson
    VP of Digital Marketing, Rockland Trust
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    It doesn’t matter whether it’s our website or talking about digital advertising or helping us write scripts for radio ads, I like the fact that we have a one-stop shop that we can go to for a partnership.

    Chris Hendry
    President & CEO, IC Credit Union
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