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    We begin our partnership by defining the target audience based on their behavior on our partners’ websites. We then develop detailed remarketing campaigns, designed to engage users who have previously shown interest in or viewed your products or services or have shown some interest in similar products and services.

    Utilizing the highly-personalized messaging and content written by our copywriters and content and paid strategists, we can reintroduce users to your offerings, leading them to visually pleasing landing pages that we designed and developed. These pages are vehicles for conversion, designed and developed to provide a smooth user experience, increasing your ROI and brand reputation. From the moment we set up your campaign, we monitor and optimize it, making adjustments to improve performance where necessary. Make sure no customers slip through the cracks – turn to inSegment for your next remarketing campaign.


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    Dynamic Remarketing
    A/B Testing
    LP Development
    Setup & Monitoring
    Dynamic Remarketing

    We use dynamic remarketing, an approach that goes one step further than standard remarketing, allowing marketers to access users’ preceding engagements, and to personalize an ad specific to their previous actions. This level of personalization drastically increases the probability of converting the user, and the information gathered relating to the top-performing, comparable content and products, as well as the user’s purchase histories and demographics, gives valuable insights to inform future remarketing campaigns.

    A/B Testing

    Our remarketing and dynamic remarketing campaigns are thoroughly tested so that we can properly optimize your ads throughout. By testing different ads, we can hone in on the most effective language, the most compelling visuals, and the most user-friendly landing pages for your target audience members. What results is a remarketing campaign that is tailored not just to your specific targets, but continuously evolves to remain perpetually optimized, generating a higher ROI and a strong boost to your brand.

    Landing Page Development

    After reminding users about your products and services, carefully crafting ads and other content that speaks directly to them and gets them to click on your links, we ensure your new customers make it to conversion. We do this by providing you with beautiful, functional landing pages for each product and service, that are designed and developed specifically to deliver a seamless user experience to your visitors, and to provide a huge boost to sales. These landing pages are monitored, managed, and optimized, leaving customers happy and revenue steadily increasing.

    Campaign Setup & Monitoring

    We set your remarketing and dynamic remarketing campaigns up for success, getting you set up on the ad platform of your choice. We create ad groups, we set budgets and bids, and we select our desired targeting options. We also set up tracking and tagging by installing tracking pixels and tags on your site. This lets us track user behavior and target ads to the appropriate users. Finally, we routinely monitor and optimize the campaign, making any needed tweaks to guarantee additional ROI.

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    inSegment has been instrumental in helping us build an effective lead-generating machine. This partnership has improved KPIs across the board, including a 33% increase in conversion volume on Google and a 567% increase on LinkedIn.

    Brandon Santos
    Head of Digital, Bombora
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    We are proud to work with brands who change the rules of the game

    How Does Remarketing Work?

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    What is remarketing and how does it work?

    Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a unique type of online advertising that allows you to position ads in front of people who have already visited your website or interacted with your brand in some way. Learn more about the different types of remarketing campaigns and how they can boost your conversions.