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    We host in the US on Amazon Web Services SOC2 accredited infrastructure, relying on dedicated instances for production and testing environments. Our experienced DevOps engineers enable us to offer partners 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support with CDN traffic delivered through Cloudflare and dedicated SSL management services.

    As a cyber-insured company, inSegment provides comprehensive website security services to protect our partners and clients from a variety of cyber threats. We offer both scheduled and urgent on-site security patching to prevent vulnerabilities. We prioritize website security by conducting regular security audits and real-time traffic monitoring to protect against brute force attacks, malware, and DDoS attacks. With our strong commitment to website security, inSegment is the ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable and secure online presence.


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    Production Environments
    24/7 Support
    Hosting Services
    Content Delivery Network

    We configure partners’ DNS settings to properly integrate a content delivery network (CDN) that delivers high-speed, low-latency delivery, and has a wide reaching network of servers. We ensure that our partners’ web servers work with the CDN provider, and we configure their websites to serve static assets through the CDN. Finally, we monitor their CDN usage and performance continuously to ensure their sites are benefitting from the CDN. We then use this knowledge to make adjustments where needed, guaranteeing our partners reliable, accessible websites for their customers and, ultimately, an increase in returns.

    Hosting Services
    Testing & Production Environments

    We create both staging and production environments to allow for testing and deployment of changes to our partner’s website. Setting up the staging environment involves creating a mirror of our live site by cloning our live site to a separate server or subdomain. When we want to run tests, we utilize a deployment process that minimizes downtime and ensures that any changes made are applied correctly. Throughout this process, we monitor the effects that any changes have on the site, informing our decisions moving forward, as we deliver our partner a fast, functional, reliable website that helps drive conversions.

    Hosting Services
    24/7 Support

    We create a patching schedule that outlines when and how patches will be applied. To stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity news and vulnerabilities, we monitor alerts from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and other sources. We apply urgent patches on the spot to mitigate potential risks. Before we apply any updates or fixes to the live website, we test them in our staging environment to ensure they do not cause any issues or conflicts with the site. Depending on the complexity of the patches, we apply them manually or using an automatic patching tool. We maintain a high level of monitoring during patches to ensure that the site is fixed correctly for our partners. By following these procedures, we help keep our partners’ websites secure and protected from potential threats.

    Hosting Services
    Real-Time Monitoring

    We monitor your server and software in real-time to identify and respond to any issues as soon as they arise. We track important metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, and network traffic to get a comprehensive overview of the situation. By actively monitoring live website traffic, we use tools that blacklist in real-time malicious IPs to prevent potential attacks. When issues do arise, we work quickly to identify the root cause, test any patches in the staging environment, and apply any necessary changes. We maintain regular contact with our partners to make sure they are aware of any and all tweaks to their websites. This fast, accurate work allows our partners to continue business as usual, keeping more customers on the website and increasing the ROI from website development. 

    Hosting Services
    Security Audits

    At inSegment, we take a proactive approach to website security. We perform regular security audits on our partner websites to search for vulnerabilities and malware using a comprehensive checklist. To supplement our manual checks, we also use automated tools that are scheduled to run daily to scan both the hosting instance and the website for potential threats. Additionally, we conduct annual PEN tests to test the website’s security measures and ensure that they are robust. To further enhance website security, we follow best practices in the cybersecurity field, such as using two-factor authentication and strong credentials that are rotated periodically. We audit the users that have access to the partner’s websites and we don’t work with third parties. By implementing these measures, we ensure that our partner websites remain secure and provide a safe user experience for our clients.

    Hosting Services
    Cybersecurity Insured

    As part of our commitment to cybersecurity, we have obtained cybersecurity insurance, which provides an additional layer of protection against potential data breaches or other cyber threats. To further strengthen our security measures, we enforce a strict access policy to our hosting environments and websites, limiting the number of qualified people who have access to them. We conduct thorough background checks on all individuals who are granted access, and we periodically rotate our access credentials to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, we enforce two-factor authentication on all access mediums and use dedicated in-house teams for hosting management and website security, without relying on third-party vendors. By taking these measures, we ensure that our partners and clients can trust us to keep their information secure and protect their online presence from cyber threats.

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      No matter your industry, inSegment’s hosting services can deliver fast, accessible, reliable websites that are continuously monitored and adjusted in real-time.

      Online advertising services for B2B & technology businesses

      B2B & Tech

      For our partners in B2B and technology, strong, reliable web hosting that allows for scaling is essential to maintain a secure, up-to-date, accessible website. Any downtime or security breaches can have a significant impact on tech companies’ revenue, given how important their websites are for lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention. We guarantee our partners superior web hosting services that not only retain website visitors as they move towards conversion, but that also demonstrate website reliability, generating a boost to brand recognition and reliability. 

      Online marketing services for financial & corporate websites

      Financial Services

      Our financial services partners, whether they be banks or credit unions, can’t compromise when it comes to guaranteeing a reliable, safe website on which their customers can conduct their financial activities. As well as ensuring their websites remain compliant with the strict security standards and regulations, our hosting services also allow our financial services partners to keep their clients’ personal and financial information safe on a secure, encrypted website.

      Digital marketing strategies for retail & ecommerce websites

      Retail & eCommerce

      Website performance is one of the most integral parts of any successful online store or eCommerce business. Our hosting services permit our partners to manage high traffic volumes without sacrificing any website speed or accessibility. Even during peak shopping hours and seasons, we prevent customers from looking elsewhere by eliminating downtimes and slow load times. By taking advantage of our robust hosting abilities, online stores can retain more customers, and ease customers’ navigation around the site, through their shopping carts, and toward conversion.

      Digital advertising for higher education websites

      Higher Education

      When it comes to higher education institutions, few aspects of their profiles are as important as their website. With inSegment’s hosting services, schools and colleges can guarantee that their website will perform well when faced with a massive number of applicants, while simultaneously having to communicate with current students and staff. These are important elements to a successful higher education institution, as a fast, reliable, accessible website will retain more visitors. This increases the likelihood that prospective students apply for enrollment, as well as demonstrating to the next generation of students that this institution takes tech seriously. The resulting website ensures a steady flow of applicants and enrollments, while also meeting the needs of staff and students already present.

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