inSegment, a Leader Among Boston’s Digital Marketing Firms, According to Clutch

Since our journey started in 2007, our efforts as a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency have been centered upon quantifiable marketing results. An engineering mindset and a powerful set of core values have steadily brought us where we are today. This is why it was to our great pleasure to find out that inSegment has been officially acknowledged as one of the Top Boston Web Design and Web Development Firms by Clutch, the independent research and review company. Less than eight years after the birth of inSegment, being recognized as one of the top agencies in Boston is inspiring, and it is the type of validation that inspires us to improve and further prove our worthiness.

Clutch reviewed 600+ companies spanning 50+ markets, using a two by two framework called the Leaders Matrix. They mapped each firm’s focus areas and ability to deliver on client expectations. The Leaders Matrix delineates service providers based on their respective area of focus and a proven ability to deliver. The matrix ponders references and reviews, client experience, and market presence to pinpoint and further evaluate a firm’s success as a digital agency.

Using the matrix, Clutch gathered objective evidence on inSegment, such as relevant case studies, portfolio items, client lists, accolades, indicators of market presence etc., and compared inSegment’s performance to other similar firms in Boston. Both quantitative and qualitative factors were analyzed to examine hundreds of Boston based companies and to measure their success through delivered results. inSegment in particular achieved notably high scores on the Leaders Matrix for market presence and proven ability to deliver. Throughout their research process, Clutch examined key factors such as inSegment’s social media presence and overall reputation in their chosen sector, and pitted their results against the competitive landscape of firms within Boston.

A significant component for feedback includes reviews from both past and present clients, with reactions weighted depending on the size of the project, as well as the range of complexity. Analysts from Clutch interviewed our partners for invaluable feedback regarding client satisfaction and performance results. In-depth testimonials from valued clients can be found on inSegment’s Clutch profile. According to their findings, a common denominator in these testimonials underline inSegment’s consistency in hard work and strong performance. It is incredibly rewarding to see our achievements analyzed in such a rigorous manner, and to learn that we stand out as a leader among Boston’s digital marketing firms.

Founded and passionately led by Alexander Kesler, inSegment combines all aspects of web development and design for their clients, including lead generation, branding, SEO strategy, and digital marketing services. Our campaigns aim to increase online visibility and customer acquisition by conducting exhaustive research and taking highly informed decisions throughout all stages of a project. Working across a wide spectrum of services, inSegment values achieving concrete and measurable results for every client, combining both digital and traditional methods of advertising to compete with other similar firms. As the name implies, segmentation is a substantial factor to our methodology and focus: by breaking down each task diligently and with utmost care, our partners can be assured that they are receiving the highest return on their investment.

We are highly appreciative of our clients’ praise and acknowledgement in our SEO arsenal and online website development capabilities. Overall, it was extremely gratifying to receive such high performance reviews from Clutch’s clientele interviews. Even though we have reached an important level of maturity over the past eight years, we are still at the beginning of our journey, with our greatest achievements still well in front of us.