Stop the presses and customize email marketing

Don’t Be an Email Automaton- Tips to Customize Your Email Campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely useful tool in an integrated digital marketing strategy, but once a marketer finds what email tactics work best for their brand, they tend to simply repeat them over and over. Email campaigns turn into an assembly line cranking out generic content and offers and sent out regularly to the same lists. This automation will end up hurting marketers in the long run; today’s consumer has an expectation of quality content, and email campaigns need to be innovative to continue to be successful. So how do you break out of the email machine? Here are some ideas to spruce up your email marketing efforts:

  1. Segment Your ListWe’re big fans of segmenting your audience and targeting individual segments with customized messaging; this is the most effective way to ensure that your email campaign will appeal to as many members of your email list as possible. Use demographics to segment, such as geography, gender, or age, and write separate email messages tailored for that demographic group. Segmentation takes a little more work, but when your open, click-through, and conversion rates rise, it will have been worth it.
  2. Identify – and Recognize – Your Biggest FansFor most companies, only 20% of their customers drive 80% of the business’s revenue. Those top drivers are your biggest fans. Identify them, and pay special attention to them to ensure that they keep on driving that 80%.
  3. Have Personality – but Don’t Go OverboardCreating interesting, relevant content isn’t just important for enticing readers to act on your call to action; it’s a critical component of getting your email into the inbox in the first place. Spam filters examine an email message, and if it scores the message higher than a certain threshold, it tosses that message into the Spam folder, never to be seen again. Give your email a personality, but avoid using these elements, which trigger spam filters:
    1. CAPS LOCK: Just turn it off
    2. Symbols: “[email protected]!!!”: You look like a spam bot
    3. Bad HTML: Poorly coded HTML templates are a major tipoff to spam filters; triple-check your code

When it comes to email marketing, strategy, customization, and personalization go a long way to attract and retain consumers’ attention. Constantly monitoring and adjusting campaigns can be a daunting task; if you need help, inSegment’s email marketing team can help create superior stand-alone campaigns as well as robust integrated strategies.